How to Treat a Book

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Don't do anything that will damage a book

Don't expect all books to react well to the same treatment; each book should be treated as an individual

Don't write your name all over your books; once is enough

Don't wash the covers of a book

Don't get books wet

Don't set beverages, hot or cold, on books

Don't leave your books lying around in stacks

Don't use rubber bands to keep a book together

Don't ever erase colored pages without testing them first

Don't use 'Scotch" type tape on books

Don't store bulky things in books

Don't keep newspaper clippings in books unless between waxed papers

Don't press flowers in books unless between waxed paper

Don't use marking pens in books

Don't use rubber stamps to mark books

Don't use "glue" or mucilage in books

Don't use paper clips in books

Don't store books in damp rooms

Don't expose books to strong light or to sunlight for long periods of time

Don't keep books in extremely dry conditions or over a heat register

Don't pack your bookshelves too tightly

Don't allow your books to flop around on the shelves

Don't forget to maintain your library properly

Don't forget to check stored books every three months for both moisture and bugs

Don't forget to clean your books and bookshelves thoroughly at least once a year

Don't do anything to colored pages without testing them first

Don't do any repairs that cannot be undone

Don't try to repair old and valuable books unless you are an expert

Don't try something that is beyond your skill, unless you are working on a "practice" book

Don't try new products on a good book until you have some experience with them on a practice book

Don't work on the inside covers without a support underneath

Don't use cloth tapes to fix the spine of a book

Don't treat suede binding like smooth leather bindings

Don't use rubber cement to make repairs

Don't ever trim flyleaves toward the spine; always work from the spine out to the fore-edge

Don't forget to erase from the spine out to the edges

Don't forget to put waxed paper protection sheets in when you are working with adhesive

Don't be in a hurry; take your time when you are repairing books, unless you are working with adhesive

Don't forget to wash out your brushes after each and every use

Don't use inferior materials when repairing books


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