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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Reserves Policy

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The print and electronic reserve collections at Memorial Library allow faculty to place required readings for their students in a central location. The reserve collection includes both library owned materials and faculty owned materials. The following policy and procedures for reserves were devised to provide better access and maintenance of this collection.

1. Only required non-textual materials should be placed on reserve; suggested reading materials should not be placed on reserve. Materials will remain on reserve during the academic period they are required reading.

2. Reserve requests will be processed in the order they are received. It is suggested reserve requests be submitted one week prior to the date required to guarantee the material is available for students by the date needed. If you are using copyrighted materials more than once, either for the same course or for a different course, we must obtain copyright permission before placing the material on electronic reserve.Please submit requests which will need copyright permission well in advance of the date in which the reserve is needed by students. Some rights holders grant copyright permission immediately, while others may take months to grant or deny permission.

3. Completed reserve request forms and materials to be placed on reserve may be sent through intra-campus mail to: Steve Johnson, Reserve Technician, MSU Box ML3097. Reserves may also be dropped off at the front circulation counter in the library. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Steve Johnson at 389-5065, or e-mail him at

4. Only one copy of materials such as course syllabi, lecture notes, sample tests, and journal articles need to be provided for electronic reserves. The library will not make reproductions of materials being placed on electronic reserve. Materials included in the electronic reserve collection will not be duplicated in paper format in the traditional reserve collection. In order to maintain quality images, clear, clean, one sided copies must be submitted. Faculty should view electronic reserves online to determine if they are legible enough for student use. If dissatisfied with the electronic reserve quality, a more legible copy should be submitted for use. Materials being placed on electronic reserve will be returned as soon as they are loaded into the electronic reserve system.

5. If your materials have been placed on electronic reserve you will need to give your students the password assigned to the articles for them to access the electronic reserves. If the material is on electronic reserve it can be accessed through the library home page at, click on Course Reserves.

6. Personal or library owned copies of books, pamphlets or other monographic publications may be placed on hard copy reserve. The library does not assume responsibility for professor owned materials placed on hard copy reserve. Please be aware we place clear tape on all materials placed on hard copy reserve. Personal copies will be returned at the end of the reserve period.

Please note: Some library owned materials may need to be recalled from library users before they are placed on reserve.

7. When reserve material is ready for circulation, you will receive e-mail notification. Please wait for the notice that the materials have been placed on reserve before notifying your students the materials are on reserve. Students will need to ask for hard copy reserve materials by the reserve call number at the front circulation counter on the first floor of the library.

8. Hard copy reserves may have check out periods of 2 hours, 4 hours, 1 day, 3 days, or 7 days. Materials on electronic reserve will be available to students 24 hours a day.

9. Materials are removed from reserve when indicated on the reserve request form and personal copies of materials are returned as soon as possible. Statistical information on student usage of materials will be sent to each instructor to aid in the evaluation of future reserve lists.

10. The maximum length of time materials may remain on reserve is one year, at which time they will be removed in order for statistical information on student usage to be reported to the instructor for evaluation.

Steve Johnson, Reserve Technician
Phone: 507-389-5065 E-mail:
2nd Floor, Memorial Library, Room 2043A, MSU Box ML3097