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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Importing Library Packets into a D2L Course

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Instructions for Importing Library Packets into a D2L Course

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Downloading Packets

1. Begin by clicking the specific packet link on the previous page to download the file
2. In the File Download window, click the "Save" button
Download Packet

3. In the Save As window, select a location you will access later, and press "Save"
Save Zip File

4. Now the packet is ready to be imported into D2L (Desire2Learn)

Importing Packets into D2L

1. Login to D2L (Desire2Learn)
2. Go into your course where the library packet will be added
3. Select the "Edit Course" from the the purple navigation bar
D2L Navigation Bar

4. Select "Import/Export/Copy Components"

5. Choose "Import Components"
Import Items

6. Use the "Browse" button to find the downloaded packet.
Locate the .zip file previously downloaded. Then click the "open" button.
Open Zip File

7. On the D2L page, select "Next"

8. After the “Preprocessing Steps" are complete, select "Next" to choose some or all packet materials to import into your course

Selecting All or Specific materials

During the importing process some or all materials can be imported using the following steps:
9. Follow steps 1-8 listed above

10. Go to the “Select Components to Import” section (ignore the “Import Options” section)

a. To import all packet materials: check the box next to "Select All Components" and then select "Next"
Adding All Content

b. To select specific packet materials: check the box next to "Content (# items(s))," select the radio button "Select individual items to import," and then click "Next"
Adding Some Content

1. Click the plus sign next to the packet title to list individual items
Selecting Content

2. Check off the items to import and then select "Next"
Selecting Content

c. On the following screen labeled "Review Import Selections," click the "Next" button

11. After the "Importing Course Material" page has processed the content, select "Next"
12. The following screen should state, “The course import was successful.”
13. Press the "Content" link on the purple D2L navigation bar toward the top of the screen
14. A new D2L module with the imported library material should now be included in your course's content page
D2L Content Page

More Information or Assistance

For more information or technical assistance, contact the Library Services D2L Group