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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Women’s History Month

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Picture Gallery


A 57.2:W 54/2 Women in Agriculture: Changing Roles & Current Outreach Techniques
AE 1.102:W 84 Women’s Lives – Women’s Voices: Sources in Women’s History
D 114.2:N 93/2 Army Nurse Corps
D 114.2:N 93/3 33 Years of Army Nursing
D 114.2:N 93/996 Highlights in the History of the Army Nurse Corps
D 114.2:W 84 Women’s Army Corps
HE 20.402:W 84/2/996 Healthy Women/Health Lifestyles
HE 20.4002:M 59/9  Milestones in Women’s Health
IA 1.2:W 84    World View of Women: Social, Political, & Economic Attitudes
I 29.6/6:C 54  Clara Barton
I 29.6/6:F 51 First Ladies
I 29.6/6:M 27 Maggie J. Walker
I 29.6/6:V 28 Vanderbilt Mansion
I 29.9/5:110

Clara Barton

I 29.86/4:EL 2/V.1 Cultural Landscape Report for Eleanor Roosevelt Nat’l Hist. Site
L 2.71:

Women in the Labor Force

L 36.102:W 89/9 Working Women Count!  A Report to the Nation
LC 1.2:AR 7/3

Performing Arts; Music

LC 1.2:L 56 My Dear Wife
LC 1.2:W 84

Women Come to the Front:  Journalists, Photographers & Broadcasters
During World War II

LC 1.46:1989 Performing Arts; Annual
LC 1.46:992

Performing Arts at the Library of Congress

LC 2.8:W 84

American Women: A Library of Congress Guide for the Study of Women’s
History & Culture in the United States

PR 41.8:W84 Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces
PREX 1.21:M 61/VIDEO 5

Millennium Evenings at the White House: Meaning of the Millennium

PREX 1.21:M 61/VIDEO 6 Millennium Evenings at the White House: Women as Citizens
S 20.2:T 91 20th Century Americans
SI 1.42:5 U.S. Women in Aviation 1919-1929
SI 1.42:6 U.S. Women in Aviation 1930-1939
SI 1.42:7 U.S. Women in Aviation 1940-1985
VA 1.2:W 84/2 We Serve Women Who Served
VA 1.22:10-21/995  

LPN; Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse

VA 1.22:10-11/995 Nursing; Veterans Affairs
Y 3.EQ2:12-4/2003 Job Patterns for Minorities & Women in State & Local Government
Y 3.P31:23/03 Role of Women in Stabilization and Reconstruction