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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Govt Information on Natural Disasters

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C 55.20:F 65/3 Disastrous Floods on the Trinity, Brazos, Colorado and Guadalupe Rivers in Texas, December 1991-January 1992
C 55.20:SU 7 Superstorm of March 1993
C 55:102:OC 2/2 Coastal Oceanographic Effects of Summer 1993 Mississippi River Flooding
C 55.102:SK 9/4/2004 Watch Out...Storms Ahead! Owlie Skywarn's Weather Book
C 55.228:41-1/3 Earthquake History of the United States
C 55.135:42/2 Mariner's Weather Log (satellite picture of Supertyphoon Tip, 1979)
FEM 1.8/3:34/2002 Are You Ready? A guide to citizen preparedness
HE 20.402:P 39 Responding to the Needs of People with Serious and Persistent Mental Illness in Times of Major Disaster
HE 20.408: T 68 Training Manual for Mental Health Workers and Human Service Workers in Major Disasters
I 19.2:M 86/2/990 Eruptions of Mount St. Helens: Past, Present and Future
I 19.3:1939-A Earthquake Losses to Single-Famly Dwellings: California Experience
I 19.4/2:1187 Survivng a Tsunami--Lessons from Chile, Hawaii and Japan
I 19.4/2:1193 Implications for Earthquake Risk Reduction in the United States from the Kocaelik Turkey, Earthquake of August 17, 1999
I 19. 16:1335 Observations of the Eruptions of July 22 and August 7, 1980 at Mount St. Helens, Washington
I 19.16:1360 Evaluativng Earthquake Hazards in the Los Angeles Region--an Earth Science Perspective
I 19.16:1553-B The Loma Prieta, California, Earthquake of October 17, 1989--Public Response
Y 1.1/8:108-460/pt.1-4 Faster and Smarter Funding for First Responders Act of 2004
Y 4. G 74/7:IS 1 Emerging from Isabel: a review of FEMA's preparation for and response to affected areas in the Hampton Roads region
Y 4.IN 8/16T 78/2 The Tsunami Tragedy: how the U.S. is responding and providing relief