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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

1930s Dust Bowl in the Great Plains

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A 1.4/2:33
Soil Erosion, a National Menace
A 1.4/2:430
Emergency Wind-Erosion Control
A 1.35:394/2
Facts About Wind Erosion and Dust Storms on the Great Plains
A 1.38:221
Soil Blowing and Dust Storms
A 1.38:301
Erosion and Its Control in Oklahoma Territory
A 1.38:321
To Hold This Soil
A 1.38:338
Soil Defense of Range and Farm Lands in the Southwest
A 55.2:D 83
The Drought and Current Farm Imports
A 55.2:F 22/5
Security for the Farm Home
A 57.2:SO 8/3
Conservation Practices for the Range Lands of the Southern Great Plains
A 57.13:3
Soil Erosion and Its Control in the United States
A 57.13:4
Man-Made Deserts
A 57.23:1-10
Soil Erosion [10 posters]
C 55.202:W 37/2
American Weather Stories
I 19.13:820
Drought of 1936: With Discussion on the Significance of Drought in Relation to Climate
Y 3.G 79/2:2 R 29
The Future of the Great Plains: Report of the Great Plains Committee
Y 3.R 31:2 AM 3
America’s Land
Y 3.W 89/2:13/5-1
Areas of Intense Drought Distress, 1930-1936
Y 3.W 89/2:13/5-2
The People of the Drought States
Y 3.W 89/2:17/16
Farming Hazards in the Drought Area