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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

National Parks & Historical Sites Sources

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National Parks & Historical Sites

I 20.2/2:R59/2
1998 Rocky Mountain National Park Seasonal Handbook
I 29.2/5:156
Underground Railroad (Official National Park Handbook)
I 29.8:P23/4/2000
National Park System Map and Guide
I 29.9/5:113
Fort Vancouver (Official National Park Handbook)
I 29.9/5:142
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal (Official National Park Handbook)
I 29.88:F85
Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt
I 29.103:999-2001
The National Parks:  Index 1999-2001
I 29.123:M 58
Trails of the Mid-Atlantic Region

Display Ideas:
Using a Science Fair Board I found some wrapping paper with a fishing theme and covered the board as a background. Then I tact the National Park System Map and Guide to the board and highlight places such as the Rocky Mountains, Pipestone MN, Yellowstone National Park, etc.  I finished decorating the board with camping cutouts and wilderness theme scrapbooking paper that can be purchased at any scrapbooking store.  I found bookmarks (from Demco) for the various places that I let patrons pick-up