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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Space Exploration: From Moon to Mars

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Where no man has gone before: A history of Apollo lunar exploration missions


NAS 1.21:4214
Exploring the unknown : selected documents in the history of the U.S. civil space program Book NAS 1.21:4407/v.7
Read you loud and clear! : the story of NASA's spaceflight tracking and data network Book NAS 1.21:2007-4233
Apollo expeditions to the moon Book NAS 1.21:350
Apollo over the moon: A view from orbit Book NAS 1.21:362
Remembering the space age: Proceedings of the 50th Anniversary Conference Book NAS 1.21:2008-4703
Steps to the moon Book I 19.2:M 77/2/992
Aerospace science : the exploration of space Book D 301.26/6:AE 8/4/994
A journey to inspire, innovate, and discover : report of the President's Commission on Implementation of United States Space Exploration Policy. Book PR 43.8:SP 1/J 82
NASA, mission, the universe. Book NAS 1.84:141
Aeronautics and Space Report of the President transmitted to the Congress January 1970 Book PREX 5.9:969
From sand to moondust : -- a narrative of Cape Canaveral, from discovery to moon shot. Book D 301.2:SA 5
The Post-Apollo space program: Directions for the future. Space task group report to the President Sept. 1969 Book PR 37.8:SP 1/R 29/969
A Budgetary Analysis of NASA's New Vision for Space Exploration, September 2004, * Book Y 10.2:AN 1/3
Dreams, hopes, realities : NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center : the first forty years Book NAS 1.21:4312
Astronaut fact book Electronic to Print NAS 1.90/3:2003
On Mars : exploration of the Red Planet, 1958-1978 Book NAS 1.21:4212
We have a sporting chance : the decision to go to the moon : an exhibition at the Library of Congress, July 16-September 16, 1979 Book LC 33.2:C 36
Exploring the moon and Mars : choices for the nation. Book Y 3.T 22/2:2 M 77
Space for mankind's benefit: A space congress held at Huntsville, Alabama Nov. 15-19, 1971 Book NAS 1.21:313
Hubble 2007, Science Year in ReviewVIDEO Poster NAS 1.2:H 86/7
Mars exploration Rovers, 2003 Poster NAS 1.43:M 35/6
The Moon, Special Apollo 40th Anniversary Commemorative Edition!  NP-2009-6-089-GSFC Jigsaw Puzzle NAS 1.83:NP-2009-6-089-GSFC
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