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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Fire Safety: It Begins With You

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I have used the "bear" several times. I altered the belt and the baby denims to fit the bear and
made the hat out of cardboard and brown felt. The large "matches" are paper towel rolls
with painted white paper stuffed in one end.

A 13.2: SM 7/20/SPN.-ENG.

Smokey Bear story = La historia del oso Smokey

FEM 1.102: AM 3

America at risk : findings and recommendations on the role of the Fire service in the prevention and control of risks in America

FEM 1.102: SM 7/5

Smoke alarms : what you need to know

HS 5.202: ED 8/2008

Public fire education planning : a five step process

HS 5.202: OU 8/2004

Get out and stay alive : a program for college campus and student fire safety

Electronic source:

A profile of fire in the United States

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