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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Trivial Pursuit: Gov Docs Edition

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Gov Docs Edition
C 3.2: R 11/4 Racial and Ethnic Residential Segregation in the US: 1980-2000
C 3.186: P-95/01-1 An Aging World: 2001
C 3.208/8-2:01-12 Age: 2000
C 3.233/23:1990 CPH-5-1 Census ‘90
C 55.202: W 37/2 American Weather Stories
C 60.2: B 78/2

Changes, Challenges and Charting New Course: Minority Commercial  Broadcast Ownership
 in the United States

C 60.2: N 38/2/999 Falling Through the Net
CR 1.2: W 72 Window Dressing on the Set: Women and Minorities in Television
D 1.2: EX 2/4 Achieving Excellence
D 114.2: H 42 American Military Heritage
D 114.2: SI 2 U.S. Army Signal Intelligence in World War II
D 114.7: M 31 Manhattan:  The Army and the Bomb
D 114.7: W 19/2 Global Logistics and Strategy 1940-1943
ED 1.2: AL 5 Open to All:  Title IX at 30
I 29.9/5:150 Yellowstone
NAS 1.2: P 69/8 TOPS: Toward Other Planetary Systems
NF 2.2:C 43    Imagine!
NF 2.2: W 93/Student Writing America
NS 1.2:T 23/4 Research pm the Effects of Television Advertising on Children
PR 43.8: B 52/T 34 Beyond Therapy
PREX 26.2: SU 1/2 Substance Use in Popular Music Videos