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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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A 77.12/A:EN 8 ARS Entomology: Research Highlights, 2000-2006
A 98.2:Y 8 Empowering Youth with Nutrition and Physical Activity
C 3.134:2008 Statistical Abstract of the United States, 2008
C 3.205/8-3:29 Census Atlas of the United States, Census 2000 Special Reports
C 3.277:V1-E 02 NAIA-17-US1/2007-2 ECONO2Z report series 2002:  Economic Census
D 114.2:V 67/3

Vietnam Studies, Field Artillery, 1954-1973

D 214.13:K 84/14 U.S.Marines in the Korean War, 2007
D 214.14/3:IR 1 With the 1st Marine Division in Iraq, 2003; No Greater Friend, No Worse Enemy
EP 7.2:B 39 From Bench to Backyard: EPA patents at work protecting human health and the environment
HE 20.402:F 43/2/KIT American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian Resource Kit
HS 4.106/2:2007 Regulations of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, 2007
HS 8.2:C 49/2/TOOLKIT Civics and Citizenship Toolkit: a collection of education resources for immigrants
I 20.2:C 37/2 The Legacy of Project Chariot
NAS 1.21:2007-561 America by Air
PREX 3.15:2007 World Fact Book, 2007
S 1.2:SO 8/15 Soviet-American Relations, The Détente Years, 1969-1972
Y 4.AR 5/2:IR ½ The Continuing Challenge of Building the Iraqi Security Forces