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This is a 27-page annotated bibliography prepared by the Minneapolis Public Library.


A 1.1:1894 Yearbook of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1894
A 9.4:40 How to Distinguish the Different Mosquitoes of North America
A 17.3:9 List of Publications of the U.S. Department of Agriculture from 1841 to June 30,1895, Inclusive
A 27.2:St 2/2 Album of Agricultural Statistics of the U.S.:Results of Official Statistical Investigation
I 12.2:Oc 1 Special Census Report on the Occupations of the Population of the U.S. at the Eleventh Census: 1890
I 12.5:7 Pt. 1-2 Report on Indians Taxed and Indians Not Taxed in the United States at the Eleveth Census: 1890
L 1.1:1885 First Annual Report of the Commissioner of Labor, March 1886: Industrial 
SI 1.1:1893 "Practical Experiments in Soaring", in Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution Showing the Operations,....
W 45.8:1-2 Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies
Serial Set 3849-1 History of the United States Capitol:V.I, the Old Capitol, 1792-1850


A 1.8:9 Influence of Saccharin on the Nutrition and Health of Man
GP 3.10:1 List of Publications of the Agriculture Department 1862-1902
I 19.3:324 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of April 18, 1906
I 21.2:L 58/2 Brief Account of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
I 21.2:L 93/2 Historical Sketch of "Louisiana" and the Louisiana Purchase
I 21.2:R 85 Circular Relating to Historic and Prehistoric Ruins of the Southwest and Their Preservation
SI 1.1:1910 "Recent Progress in Aviation", in Annual Report of the Smithsonian Institution, 1910, pages 145-167
SI 1.1:1911 "The Passenger Pigeon", in Annual Report of the Smithsonian Institution, 1911, pages 407-424
T 22.17:33 Laws and Regulations Relative to the Tax on Income of Individuals, Corporations,.......
W 2.6:M 18c Drill Regulations for Machine-Gun Organizations, Cavalry
W 73.1:1910 Annual Report of the Isthmian Canal Commission
W 79.12/2:M 85 Mosquito-Borne Diseases
Serial 6179 Loss of the Steamship "Titanic"


A 1.14:26 Delicious Products of the Dairy
A 1.14:28 Cotton Gin Fires
A 1.14:40 Insect Enemies and Diseases of the Tomato
A 29.6:45/11 Minnesota's Earthquake of September 3, 1917
GP 3.2:D44 Report on Designated Depository Libraries Showing Conditions on April 16, 1923
I 29.1:1921 Annual Report of the Director of the National Park Service
PR 28.8:W 19 Address of the President of the United States
PR 29.2:L 63 Dedication of the Lincoln Memorial
W 2.6/1:Sa 1 Saber Exercises
W 30.2:Ar 5/2 Manual for Army Horseshoers
W 34.2:Eq 5/3 Horse Equipments and Equipments for Officers and Enlisted Men
W 44.16:1 "Surgical Service in the Trenches", in Reveiw of War Surgery and Medicine, July 1918
Serial 6952 Argument Against Woman Suffrage
Serial 7330 Equal Suffrage


A 1.9:1691 How to Control Grasshoppers in Cereal and Forage Crops
I 16.43:18 How Boys and Girls can Help in the Drought Emergency
J 1.14/7:1-2 Uniform Crime Reports
L 1.11:1-3 Emergency Conservation Work Bulletins
S 1.2:C 76/7 Ratification of the Twenty-First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States
S 1.2:L 64 Flight of Captain Charles A. Lindbergh from New York to Paris May 20-21, 1927
S 9.2:W 19/5 Treaty for the Renunciation of War
Y 3.N 21/8:3/4 What the Blue Eagle Means to You and How You Can Get It
Y 4.Ai 7:H 35 pts. 1-6 Inquiry into the Operations of the United States Air Services
Y 4.C 73/2:Un 2 Unemployment in the United Sates
Y 4.J 89/2:P 94/12,v.1-2 National Prohibition Law


A 1.10:1935 "Dutch Elm Disease Must be Eradicated to Save American Elm", in Yearbook of Agriculture, 1935; pages 174-177
A 36.2:J 22/2 Changing Technology and Employment in Agriculture
AE 2.7:1 Federal Register, March 14, 1936 (V. 1, N. 1, page 1)
S 9.8:246 Military Highway to Alaska
SE 1.1:1935 First Annual Report of the Securities and Exchange Commission
SI 1.1:1944 "The Ocean Current Called 'The Child'," in Annual Report of the Board of Regents of The Smithsonian Institution....for the Year ended June 30,1943; pages 245-252
W 1.2:M 85 This is Ann--She's Dying to Meet You
Y 3.F 31/4:2 P 96/2 The Story of the PWA in Pictures
Serial Set 10296 Report of the Special Committee on Un-American Activities
Serial Set 10676 Attack Upon Pearl Harbor by Japanese Armed Forces
Serial Set 12126A Report of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Commission
49 Stat 620 The Social Security Act. 1935


AE 1.2:G 31 Germany Surrenders Unconditionally
AE 1.2:Su 7 The End of the War in the Pacific
A 1.76:1 Forest Fire-Danger Measurement in the Eastern United States
C 3.153:1946/2 Elections: 1946; State Proposals Voted Upon in 1946
C 3.186:P-20/1 School Enrollment of the Civilian Population: October, 1946
D 1.1: Department of Defense First Semiannual Report
D 114.2:K 84 Korea 1950
IA 1.8: Problems of Communism
N 1.2:J 27 How Your Words Get to Japan
N 17.34:F 46 Are You Training Fighting Men or Men Who Only Know How to Fight?
S 1.38:61 Armistice in Korea
W 108.24:2 Sunday Punch in Normandy


CR 1.2:Sch 6 New Orleans School Crisis
D 2.13:2 Communism in the U.S.A.
D 2.13:6 Who are communists and Why?
D 2.15: For Commanders, This Changing World
IA 1.2:P 31/2 To Protect the Peace
Ju 6.8:347 "Brown v. Board of Education," United States Reports, vol. 347, pages 483-496
NAS 1.1:1959-60 NASA First Semiannual Report to the Congress
NAS 1.2:En 8 Man Must Take Environment into Space
NAS 1.2:Ex 7 Results of Experiments in Space
NAS 1.2:G 48 Astronaut John H. Glenn Orbits the Earth for America, February 20, 1962
NAS 1.2:M 77/2 We Know So Shamefully Little About the Moon
S 1.26:81 Developments in the Cuban Situation, Questions and Answers
S 19.1:1962 First Annual Peace Corps Report
S 19.8:P 31 Peace Corps Handbook; Let Us Begin....


C 55.2:T 68 National Program for Continuing Environmental Monitoring for the Marine Leg of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System
D 2.14:VR-1-11 Vietnam Review
FS 2.2:Sm 7/2 Smoking and Health
FS 3.2:Ag 3/4 Questions and Answers on Health Insurance for the Aged
HE 20:N 95/973 We Want You to Know About Nutrition Labels on Food
I 67.13/4:15080 DZR 11/70 Santa Barbara Oil Pollution
Ju 6.8:410 "Roe v. Wade," United States Reports, vol. 410, pages 113-178
NAS 1.19:72 Log of Apollo 11
PrEx 10.12:10 A Project Head Start; Parent Involvement
PrEx 14.1:970 Environmental Quality
Pr 36.8:C 49/R 29 Report of the National Advisory Commisssion on Civil Disorders
Pr 36.8:K 38R 29 Report of the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy
S 1.38:173 A New Step Toward Peace
S 1.38:208 Documentation on the Viet-Nam Agreement
Y 4.P 92/4:P 92 Presidential Campaign Activities of 1972


C 3.2:Am 3/5 Reflections of America: Commemorating the Statistical Abstract Centennial
CR 1.10:68 The Equal RightsAmendment: Guaranteeing Equal Rights for Women Under the Constitution
E 1.1:978 U.S. Department of Energy Annual Report to Congress
ED 1.2:Ed 8/3 Introducing the U.S. Department of Education
HH 1.6/3:En 2/6 Regional Guidelines for Building Passive Energy Conserving Homes
I 49.2:Ea 3/975 portfolio Symbol of Our Nation
NAS 1.21:4403/2 Orders of Magnitude: A History of NACA and NASA
P 1.2:St 2/8 A Heritage Collection of United States Stamps Commemorating the Bicentennial
Pr 37.2:C 76 Nixon Tapes-Submission of Recorded Presidential Conversations to the Committee on the Judiciary of the House of Representatives by President Richard Nixon
S 1.2:St 8/3 SAT II and American Security: Questions Americans are Asking
S 1.131:14 Iran, U.S. Hostage Case to World Court, Novemeber 29, 1979
Y 3.Am 3/6:1/977/v.1 Bicentennial of the United States of America: A Final Report to the People
Y 3.W 84:2 Am 3 American Women Today & Tomorrow
Y 4.J 89/2:J-97-51 Nomination of Sandra Day O'Connor


C 1.88: The National Trade Data Bank
D 103.6/5:R 26/3 Regulator's Handbook
ED 1.2:N 21 A Nation at Risk
HE 20.7002:Ac 7/2 Understanding AIDS
I 49.93: 934-89 The Duck Stamp Collection
IA 1.8: Problems of Communism, vol. 41, n. 3 (May/June 1992)
LC 40.2:W 84 Wonderful Inventions: Motion Pictures, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound at the Library of Congress
Pr 40.2:W 27/press President Ronald Reagan, General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev, Washington Summit, December 1987
Pr 40.8:Sp 1/R 29/v. 1 Report of the Presidential Commission on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident
Y 3.N 88:2 At 7 Controlling the Atom: The Beginnings of Nuclear Regulation, 1946-1962
Y 3.N 88:2 At 7/2 Containing the Atom: Nuclear Regulation in a Changing Environment
Y 3.T 22/2:2 In 3/9 Informing the Nation: Federal Information Dissemination in an Electronic Age