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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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C 55.202: W 37/2
American Weather Stories
D 1.2: Ex 2/4
Achieving Excellence: the Story of America’s Military Athletes in the Olympic Games
D 110.2: B 32
66 Stories of Battle Command
D 114.2: D 35/3
The Decision to Evacuate the Japanese from the Pacific Rim
D 114.2: D 35/4
The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb
D 114.2: D 35/5
The Decision to Withdraw to Bataan
D 114.2: D 35/6
The Decision to Invade North Africa
D 114.2: N 73
The Story of the Noncommissioned Officer Corps: the Backbone of the Army
D 114.2: T 68
Transportation and Logistics: One Man’s Story
D 114.12: B 32
Battle of Ball’s Bluff
D 207.10/2: IR 6
The Iron Guns of Willard Park: Washington Navy Yard
D 214.2: R 44
Rifleman Dodd
D 301.2: D 35/27
December 1941, The Air Force Story
D 301.82/7: G 82
Green Light! A Troop Carrier Squadron’s War from Normandy to the Rhine
ED 1.2: ST 7
Oral History Stories of the Long Walk
ED 1.302: P 94/12
From Promise to Practice: Stories from the Regional Educational Laboratories
HE 19.102: R 32
The American Revolution: Selections from Secondary School History Books of other Nations
HE 20.3152: B 63
Your Best Body: a Story about Losing Weight
HE 20.3852: M 52/4
Menopause: One Woman’s Story, Every Woman’s Story
HE 20.8102: C 43/4
A Child’s World, as Seen in his Stories and Drawings
HE 20.8102: C 93
Curiosity is the Key to Discovery:  the Story of how Nobel Laureates entered the World of Science
I 29.2: AN 2/3
Andersonville: the Story of a Civil War Prison Camp
I 29.2: C 37
A Charming Field for an Encounter: the Story of Washington’s Fort Necessity
I 29.2: C 49/7
The Story of a Civil War Gunboat, USS Cairo: Comprising a Narrative of her Wartime Adventures
I 29.9: F 77/MO 3
Constant Defender: The Story of Fort Moultrie
I 29.9/5: 114
Benjamin Franklin’s “Good House” the Story of Franklin Court, Independence Nat’l Historic Park
I 29.9/5: 135
Cowpens “Downright Fighting” : the Story of Cowpens
I 29.9/5: 140
The Story of an Industrial City: a guide to Lowell National Historical Park and Lowell Heritage State Park, Lowell, Massachusetts
L 37.2: C 36
A Chance for Change: The Job Corps Story
NAS 1.19: 2000-08-001-HQ
The Adventure of Echo the Bat
PE 1.2: H 75/2
At Home in the World: The Peace Corps Story
Y 3. H 74: 2 C 43/3
The Story of Karl Stojka: a Childhood in Birkenau

"Oldies But Goodies"

AC 1.2: P94
NPT – The Non-proliferation Treaty
AC 1.2: T 71/3
Treaty between the USA and the USSR on the Limitation of Underground Nuclear Tests
AC 1.2: T 71/4
Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
D 1.2: T 27
Terrorist Group Profiles
D 1.2: T 71
Treaty between the Twenty-Two Sovereign Nations on the Reduction of their Conventional Armed Forces in Europe
D 301.2: R 73
The Roswell Report – Case Closed
D 301.82/7: R 73 pt.1&2
The Roswell Report: Fact versus Fiction in the New Mexico Desert
NAS 1.2: P 69/8
TOPS: Toward Other Planetary Systems
NAS 1.2: R 24/2
Report to the President: Actions to implement the Recommendations of the Presidential Commission on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident
PR 40.8: Sp 1/R 29
Report to the President on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident
PR 41.8: Se 2
Report to the President by the President’s Commission on Aviation Security and Terrorism
PR 42.8: Av 5
Final report to President Clinton on Aviation Safety and Security
PREX 1.19: B 52/ET3/V.1&2
Ethical and Policy Issues in International Research: Clinical Trials in Developing Countries
PRVP 42.2: Se 2
The Best Kept Secrets in Government: a Report to President Bill Clinton by Al Gore
S 1.138: 2001
Patterns of Global Terrorism
S 1.138/2: 998
Political Violence Against Americans
Y 1.1/3: 106-4/V.1-4
Proceedings of the US Senate in the Impeachment Trial of President William Jefferson Clinton
Y 3. C 86: 2 D 63
Disorders and Terrorism: a report of the Task Force on Disorders and Terrorism
Y 3. T 22/2: 2 C 67
After the Cold War: Living with Lower Defense Spending
Y 3. T 22/2: 2 G 28
Impacts of Applied Genetics: Micro-Organisms, Plants, and Animals
Y 4. AS 7: K 38/V.1 – 12
Investigation of the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy: Hearings before the select Committee on Assassinations
Y 4. AS 7: K 58/V.1-13
Investigation of the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.: hearings before the Select Committee on Assassinations

This Just In...

C 3.2: D 39/3
Demographic Trends in the 20th Century
C 3.2: M 46/2
Measuring America: the Decennial Censuses from
D 114.2: J 33
Jayhawk!: The VII Corps in the Persian Gulf War
D 301.1/3: 2003
The United States Air Force Posture Statement
D 301.82/7: H 62/4
The United States Air Force Centennial of Flight Office Presents Significant Events in Air Force History
FEM 1.2: W 89
World Trade Center Building Performance Study: Data Collection, Preliminary Observations and Recommendations
FEM 1.8/3: 34/2002
Are You Ready?  A Guide to Citizen Preparedness
NAS 1.21:2002-09-511-HQ
Celebrating a Century of Flight
PR 43.8: SP 3/R 32
A New Era: Revitalizing Special Education for Children and Their Families
PREX 2.8/8:2004
Historical Tables: Budget of the United States Government
PREX 23.8/8:2004/Perfor.
Historical Tables: Budget of the United States Government
PREX 26.2:Z 7/2
In the Zone: Living Drug Free
SSA 1.2: C 86
Putting Creativity to Work: Careers in the Arts for People with Disabilities
SSA 1.2:UN 5
Understanding SSI Disability for Children
Y 1.1/8:107/794
Federal Law Enforcement at the Borders and Ports of Entry, Challenges and Solutions