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What is a Government Document?

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Case 1: Government Documents are not defined by subject...

C 55.102:OC 2/2 Coastal oceanographic effects of summer 1993 Mississippi River flooding
J87 .M8 (1860/1861) 21st Journal of the House of Representatives of the State of Missouri
QE131 .A111 Reports on the geological survey of the state of Missouri : 1855-1871
A 1.68:1500 The USDA-ARS Plant Genome Research Program
I 29.9/5:139 Craters of the moon : a guide to Craters of the moon, national monument
I 29.6/6:AM 3 American Samoa official map and guide : National Park of American Samoa
LC 1.12/2:C 59 Samuel Langhorne Clemens : a centennial for Tom Sawyer
TD 10.8:EM 3/2000 2000 emergency response guidebook : a guidebook for first responders during the initial phase of a hazardous materials incident
TD10.8:Em3/2000/span. 2000 Guía de repuesta en caso de emergencía : una guía para los…
LC5.2:C49/989 Civil War maps
LC 5.2:L 26/2 Language of the land : The Library of Congress book of literary maps
LC 1.6/4:G 29 Library of Congress geography and maps : an illustrated guide
HE 20.3193:P 19/VIDEO Taking control of your health [videorecording] : the pap test and cervical cancer
LC39.14 988-89 Folklife annual
LC 1.6/4:M 97/2 Library of Congress music, theater, dance : an illustrated guide
MODOC CON 3:C 74/997 Missouri's conservation atlas [map] : a guide to exploring your conservation lands
C 55.102:OL 9 Weather and the XXVI Olympiad : a documentary of weather support for the 1996 Olympic Games
LC 1.54:P 84/CD French posters from World War I [computer file] : a checklist
TD2.30/13:99-020/999-2 Road user guide : for North America
A1.76:706 Guide to insect borers in North American broadleaf trees and shrubs
I27.2 W29/20 Vacation water fun
SBA1.2 F11/INVESTM./998 The facts about small business investment companies
I29.6/6:F77s Fort Scott
I27.2 W29/21/986 Otto Otter for safe water
HC101.A13122 1995 Business statistics of the United States
E99.E7 P46 (LC) Alaskan Eskimo life in the 1890s as sketched by native artists
RECORD CD SMITHSON 11394 Jazz piano [sound recording] : a Smithsonian collection
RECORD SMITHSON 13 Duke Ellington 1940 [sound recording
J 32.21:2002/1 Detention in delinquency cases, 1989-1998
J 32.21:2002/1
GS 12.17/3:17/6 Information resources management newsletter
Y 3.Se 5:8 G 94/ 2000 Guidelines manual. Supplement to appendix C / United States Sentencing Commission
JX1974 .F92 1996 (LC) Future legal restraints on arms proliferation
Y 3.P 31:2 Y 3/992 Yearbook ... National Peace Essay Contest
D 109.2:W 52/6 West Point : United States Military Academy
I 29.9/5:156 Underground railroad
D208.109:991-92 US Naval Academy
I53.7/2:AR4I/9 Arizona access guide
A 98.8:F 73/4 Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs
Y 3.IN 8/25:2 D 39 Building Democracy from the Grassroots, July 16, 2001
A 13.2:L 52 Forest Legacy Program National Report for 2001, January 2002
LC 1.2:P 56/5 846-946 A Century of photographs, 1846-1946 : selected from the collection of the Library of Congress

Case 2: Government Documents are not defined by their format...

Judicial orders  
Ju10.2:M58/2 Memorandum and order and Final judgement : United States of America v. Microsoft Corporation, C.A. 98-1232
J32.10:T22 Juvenile justice bulletin
Sound Recordings  
RECORD CD SMITHSON 40464 Rhythms of rapture [sound recording]
RECORD CD USMB 12 Strauss [sound recording] : music of Richard Strauss
RECORD CD SMITHSON 40411 Plains Chippewa/Metis music from Turtle Mountain [sound recording
RECORD SMITHSON 9 Ziegfeld follies of 1919 [sound recording]
Motion pictures  
MODOC PS.Adj/Em2:Sa2 KETC earthquake video
PE1.13:W89/SRIL/video Destination: Sri Lanka
Y1.1/4:106-21 Rotterdam convention concerning hazardous chemicals…
Statistical yearbooks  
HA1122 .A33 Annual abstract of statistics (Great Britain)
J1.14/2:n21A/2001 FBI national academy directory of graduates
T22.63:1225/2001 Taxpayer advocate directory
L1.2:L62/2/2002 Lifelong learning catalog 2002
SBA1.2:F11/busine/2001 Facts about starting your own business
EP 1.2:C 38/2 Charlie goes to town : EPA's charlie chipmunk is dedicated to keeping all children lead-free
D101.87: PS. Preventive maintenance monthly
Legislative calendars  
Y4.R31/3-12:2001 Legislative calendar, committee on resources
Legislative resolutions H.J.Res. 64 Resolution authorizing force for Sep.11 attacks
D301.60: Airman
E1.53: Science and technology review
D 2.9:D 36/2/no.56 Register to vote [picture] : mail in your registration and vote by absentee ballot
GS 12.17/3: Information resources management newsletter
Coloring books  
A13.2:Sm7/16 Smokey’s fire prevention
NAS1.43:Su7 Surveyors on the moon
NAS1.43:M12 McCandless flies first “solo” in space
NAS1.43:M11 Teacher in space: Sharon Christa McAuliffe
A 13.28:M 34/8 Mark Twain National Forest [map]
NAS 1.43:Ap4/7 Apollo 11th anniversary
NAS1.43:Sp1/27 Akers, Shepherd, Richards, Cabana
(IIS, ASI, SRI and other microfiche with colorful headers)

British Sessional papers microcards
I29.1:999 Yellowstone wolf project
I 49.2:G 27/3 Geese, our shared resource [chart]
Alternate-format materials  
J1.109:997-98 v.1 US Dept. of Justice legal acts [braille]

Case 3:  Government agencies span the spectrum...

Young / Old  
HE 23.12:
HV741 .C537 (LC)
Children today
HH 1.2:EL 2/15 Elderly housing with supportive services : best practices
HE 1.1002:OL 1/13/KIT Living longer, growing stronger in America
Work / Play  
L 1.7/2:M 58 Crossing the bridge to self employment : a federal microenterprise resource guide
L 1.2:EM 7/27/2001 U.S. Department of Labor, 2001 summer employment program
I 29.9/5:148 Cape Cod : its natural and cultural history, a guide to Cape Cod National Seashore
I 29.9/5:157 U.S. Virgin Islands
I 29.9/5:150 Yellowstone : a natural and human history
I 29.6/5:IC 2/2001 Ice Age Trail : National Scenic Trail, Wisconsin
Local / Global  
F474.C72 C66 2000 (LC) Columbia, Missouri Fire Department, 1900-2000 : a century of protection
JX1974.73 .U55 1995 (LC) The United Nations and nuclear non-proliferation

The United Nations Charter
Big / Small  
NAS1.83 1997-12-049 GSFC Microwave anisotropy probe
NAS1.83 1997(12)050 GSFC Gamma-ray large area space telescope
NAS1.83 1997(03)009-GSFC Exploring the structure and evolution of the universe The MAP goal: a detailed picture of the early universe
E 1.92/2 Fermilab report
E1.92:986 Fermilab research report