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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Chase the Chills Away with These HOT Titles!

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A 13.88:PNW-729 Water and People; challenges at the interface of symbolic and utilitarian values
C 3.2:P 86 Income, Earnings and Poverty; data from the 2007 American Community Survey
D 214.13:IR 1/3 Among the People; U.S. Marines in Iraq
D 221.2:C 88 World Cruise of the Great White Fleet
D 221.2:F 62/3 Anchor of Resolve
ED 1.2:R 22/6/2009

Reading Framework for the 2009 National Assessment of Educational Progress

HE 1.2:W 84/10 The Healthy Woman; a complete guide for all ages
HE 20.6202:2007 Adolescent Health in the United States, 2007
I 49.2:M 29/3 Malheur's Legacy: celebrating a century of conservation, 1908-2008
J 1.14/2:C 33/3 The FBI; a centennial history
L 2.3/16-2:2006 Occupational Employment and Wages, 2006
LC 1.60:IR 1/2008 Iran; a country study
NAS 1.1/4:2007 Spinoff 2007
NAS 1.2:H 86/7 Hubble 2007; science year in review
NF 3.2:AM 3/8 Picturing America
Y 1.1/7:SERIAL 14904 Black Americans in Congress, 1870-2007, House Doc.108-224