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Art of War

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A 1.35:231 Blackout of Poultry Houses and Dairy Barns 
A 1.59:7 Take Care of Household Rubber
A 1.59:30 Victory Garden: Leader's Handbook
A 1.59:54 Green Vegetables in Wartime Meals
A 1.59:58 Victory Gardeners can Prevent Ear-worms from Entering Their Corn
A 1.59:72 Produce More Meat, Milk and Leather with No More Feed by Controlling Cattle Grubs 
A 1.59:95 Victory Garden Insect Guide
A 1.59:103 Pickle and Relish Recipes
A 13.20/3:F 51/54 Protect His America! Only You can Prevent Forest Fires [poster]
A 36.128:7 Soybeans go to War
A 80.8:G 16 Your Victory Garden Counts More Than Ever! [poster]
FS 5.2:C 73 The Communication Arts and the High-School Victory Corps
I 20.2:IN 2/14 Indians in the War: Burial of a Brave 
I 52.2:N 63 Nisei in Uniform
I 52.2:W 19/3 WRA: A Story of Human Conservation
L 5.20:307 If Your Baby Must Travel in Wartime
L 13.3:205 Negro Women War Workers
MC 1.25:SE 1/3 Let's Finish the Job! Urgent-Experienced Seamen Needed [poster]
N 9.2:M 33 Be a Marine: Free a Marine to Fight: United States Marine Corps Women's Reserve
N 17.2:R 22 A Sailor's Reader
N 17.2:SE 1/2 So You're Going to Sea!
N 17.2:W 36 How to Serve Your Country in the WAVES or SPARS
N 17.16/12:UN 3/941 Uniforms, Decorations, Medals and Badges of the U.S. Navy: Taken from the Navy Uniform Regulations, 1941
PR 32.406:W 19 War Facts: A Handbook for Speakers on War Production
PR 32.409:AM 3/2 America's Answer! Production [poster]
PR 32.4002:M 66 Minorities in Defense
PR 32.4202:R 18/942-2 Rationing: Why and How
PR 32.4212:B 56 Stamp Out Black Markets- With Your Ration Stamps: Pay No More than Legal Prices [poster]
PR 32.4212:P 71 Make This Pledge: Pay No More Than Ceiling Prices: Pay Your Points in Full [poster]
PR 32.4212:P 71/4 Keep the Home Front Pledge: Pay No More Than Ceiling Prices: Pay Your Points in Full [poster]
PR 32.4212:R 18/2 Rationing Means a Fair Share for All of Us [poster]
PR 32.4252:SU 3 Recipes to Match Your Sugar Ration
PR 32.4402:AI 7/3/942-2 What to Do in an Air Raid
PR 32.4402:B 56 Blackouts
PR 32.4402:C 14 Precautionary Camouflage: a Guide for Promoting Low Visibility Principles Without Dependence Upon Artificial Coverings
PR 32.4402:G 21 Protection Against Gas
PR 32.4406:AI 7/943-2 A Handbook for Air Raid Wardens
PR 32.4502:H 75 The Home Front in National Defense
PR 32.4602:SP 2 Spanish Speaking Americans in the War: The Southwest
PR 32.4707:C 44/3 This Man is Your Friend: Chinese: He Fights for Freedom [poster]
PR 32.4707:D 95/3 This Man is Your Friend: Dutch Sailor: He Fights for Freedom [poster]
PR 32.4707: ET 3/3 This Man is Your Friend: Ethiopian: He Fights for Freedom [poster]
PR 32.4707:L 92/3 Pvt. Joe Louis Says- We're Going to Do our Part-And We'll Win Because We're on God's Side [poster]
PR 32.4707:R 92/3 This Man is Your Friend: Russian: He Fights for Freedom [poster]
PR 32.4802:M 97 Music in War Plants
PR 32.4802:T 49/3 Tin Cans Make Fighting Metal: Here's How...
PR 32.4812:C 16/3 Save Your Cans: Help Pass the Ammunition: Prepare Your Tin Cans for War...[poster]
PR 32.4909:T 67 War Traffic Must Come First: Don't Waste Transportation [poster]
PR 32.4909:T 69/3 Could This Be You? Don't Travel - Unless Your Trip Helps Win the War [poster]
PR 32.5002:C 49 Tale of  a City
PR 32.5002:M 56 A Personal Message to the Mothers, Wives, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters and Friends of Service Men
PR 32.5002:UN 3/943 The Thousand Million: Brief Stories About the United Nations, Where One Thousand Million Friends of the U.S. Live, Work and Fight
PR 32.5002:W 19 Understanding the War: Suggestions for Summer School Courses, for Extra-curricular Programs and for Discussions Relating to War Information
PR 32.5006:C 82 Battle Stations for All: The Story of the Fight to Control Living Costs
PR 32.5006:P 84 Poster Handbook: A Plan for Displaying Official War Posters
PR 32.5015:1 The Sound That Kills: Don't Murder Men with Idle Words [poster]
PR 32.5015:7 Books are Weapons in the War of Ideas [poster]
PR 32.5015:8 Strong in the Strength of the Lord: We Who Fight in the People's Cause Will Never Stop Until that Cause is Won [poster]
PR 32.5015:10 Americans! Share the Meat as a Wartime Necessity [poster]
PR 32.5015:14/3 Remember Dec 7th!...We Here Highly Resolve That These Dead Shall Not Have Died in Vain...[poster]
PR 32.5015:15 Avenge December 7 [poster]
PR 32.5015:22 Become a Nurse: Your Country Needs You [poster]
PR 32.5015:26/2 1778, 1943: Americans Will Always Fight for Liberty [poster]
PR 32.5015:35 Where Our Men are Fighting, Our Food is Fighting: Buy Wisely- Cook Carefully - Store Carefully - Use Leftovers [poster]
PR 32.5015:42 The Five Sullivan Brothers "Missing in Action" off the Solomons: They Did Their Part [poster]
PR 32.5015:47 Ours - To Fight For: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom From Want, Freedom From Fear [poster]
PR 32.5015:57 We'll Have Lots to Eat This Winter, Won't We Mother? Grow Your Own, Can Your Own [poster]
PR 32.5015:62 We Have Just Begun to Fight! [poster]
PR 32.5015:73 Is Your Trip Necessary? Needless Travel Interferes With the War Effort [poster]
PR 32.5015:79 United: The United Nations Fight for Freedom [poster]
PR 32.5015:L 61 To All Who Use Libraries: This is Our War [poster]
PR 32.5213:W 84 Women in the War: We Can't Win Without Them [poster]
PR 32.5402:J 27 Relocating a People
PR 32.5402:J 27/4 Relocation of Japanese Americans
PR 32.5402:R 27/2 The Relocation Program: A Guide Book for the Residents of Relocation Centers
T 1.102:B 64/3 Mrs. Brown Buys a Bond for America's Future
T 1.102:B 64/4/942 Madame Chairman, Mr. Chairman: A Program of Action for Clubs, Lodges, & Other Organizations on  U.S. Savings Bonds & Stamps
T 1.102:B 64/7 Helping Your Bank Sell U.S. War Savings Bonds: A War Message to All Banks
T 1.102:P 69 You Can Count on Us: A Play
T 1.107:B 98/5 Buy War Bonds [poster]
T 1.107:D 71 Don't Let That Shadow Touch Them: Buy War Bonds [poster]
T 1.107:L 59 Lexington, 1775: Independence July 4, 1776: John Paul Jones Said, 'I Have Not Yet Begun to Fight': Washington Crossed the Delaware [poster]
T 1.107:W 37/3 We Can, We Will, We Must!  Buy U.S. War Savings Bonds & Stamps Now [poster]
T 1.107:W 37/5 We are Ready, What About You?  Join the Schools at War Program [poster]
T 66.2:AR 7/944 Art in the service of Schools-at-War
T 66.2:F 46/SONGS Songs from "Figure it Out": A War Bond Musical Show
T 66.2:SO 5/2 Songs for War Bond Rallies
T 66.2:SO 5/3 Songs for the Home Front
T 66.2:SQ 2 The Squanderbug's Mother Goose
T 66.2:W 19/19/945 For Speakers Only - 7th War Loan
T 66.8:B 64/10 Fire Away! 5th V War Loan: Buy Extra Bonds [poster]
T 66.8:B 64/24 The Sky's the Limit! Keep Buying War Bonds [poster]
T 66.8:B 64/37 Protect His Future: Buy and Keep War Bonds [poster]
T 66.8:EQ 5 Help Equip G.I. Joe With Your War Savings [poster]
T 66.8:L 56/3 Let 'Em have It: Buy Extra Bonds [poster]
T 66.8:V 66/6 Victory - Now You Can Invest in It! Victory Loan [poster]
T 66.8:W 19/24 Now - All Together: 7th War Loan [poster]
VA 1.16:N 93 Serve Those Who Served: Nurses are Needed in Veterans Administration Hospitals [poster]
W 1.33:3-70 Chemical Decontamination Company
W 1.33:30-30 Military Intelligence: Identification of U.S. Government Aircraft
W 1.33:30-38 Military Intelligence: Identification of Japanese Aircraft
W 1.33:30-58 Military Intelligence: Identification of Japanese Naval Vessels
W 1.35:10-285 Deceased Personnel
W 1.43:8-7 Helpful Hints to Those Who Have Lost Limbs
W 1.43:20-10 Safeguarding Military Information
W 1.43:21-3 Your Job in the Army
W 1.43:21-13/2 Army Life
W 1.43:21-36 He's Back
W 1.43:21-39 Conduct of a Military Funeral
W 1.43:28-15/C Sketches, Crossovers, Quizzes, Revues, Blackouts, Parodies: 26-Week Entertainment Program Guide
W 1.55:11 What Shall be Done With the War Criminals?
W 1.55:26 Can the Germans be Re-Educated?
W 1.55:31 Do You Want Your Wife to Work After the War?
W 1.55:34 Shall I Go Back to School?
W 1.55:46 Our Russian Ally
W 3.2:EN 5/2 Men 18 and 19, Enlistment Privileges in the Army of the U.S.
W 3.2:F 46 Why I Fight: Prize Winning Essays from the North African Theater of Operations
W 3.46/1:IF 1/2 If You Tell Where He's Going - He May Never get There! [poster]
W 3.46/1:T 14 Americans Suffer When Careless Talk Kills! [poster]
W 109.12:805 Safe Work Practices for Prisoners of War: (German)
W 109.102:P 93 P.F.C. Mary Brown: A WAC Musical Revue
W 109.102:UN 3 Pocket Guide of Uniform Insignia: United States, British Empire, U.S.S.R., France, China, Poland
W 109.110:G 31 Pocket Guide to Germany
W 109.110:N 81a Pocket Guide to North Africa
W 109.115:5 Hospital Daze: A Musical Comedy With Words and Music
W 109.202:IN 3/36th Div. The Story of the 36th Infantry Division
W 109.202:IN 3/45th Div. The 45th
W 109.202:IN 3/95th Div.  "Bravest of the Brave"
W 109.202:IN 3/99th Div. "Battle Babies": The Story of the 99th Infantry Division
Y 3.W 19/10:J 98 Personal Justice Denied: Report of the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians