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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Art in the Capitol City

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FA 1.2: M 38 Massachusetts Avenue Architecture
GS 1.2: M 51 World War II Memorial, Washington D.C.
I 29.9/5: 153 Jefferson Memorial
I 29.104: IN 8/CORR. The Interior Building: Its Architecture and its Art
LC 1.2: W15 On the Walls: Inscriptions and Quotations in the Building of the Library of Congress
Y 1.1/3: S.Doc.102-7 The Dome of the United States Capitol: An Architectural Mystery
Y 1.1/3: S.Doc. 106-25 Art and Historic Objects in the Senate Wing of the Capitol and Senate Office Buildings
Y 1.1/3: S.Doc. 107-11 U.S. Senate Catalogue of Fine Art
Y 1.3: AR 7 U.S. Senate Graphic Arts
Y 1.3: S.Pub. 105-39 Senate Art in Stamps
Y 1.3: S.Pub. 107-12 The Senate Vestibule
Y 1.3: S.Pub. 109-8 Brumidi Corridors

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