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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Art in Many Places

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Picture Gallery

FA 1.2: C 49
Civic Art: a centennial history of the U.S.Commission of Fine Arts
I 1.84: AM 3 American Indian and Alaska Native Arts and Crafts
I 29.2: AR 7/2 Early Art of the Northern Far East: the Stone Age
LC 1.6/4: AF 8/2
Library of Congress African and Middle Eastern Collections: an illustrated guide
LC 1.2:AR 7/2 Artists for Victory: an exhibition catalog
LC 1.6/4: AS 4 Library of Congress Asian Collections: an illustrated guide
LC 1.6/4: M 97/2 Library of Congress Music, Theater, Dance: an illustrated guide
LC 1.6/4: P 93 Library of Congress Prints and Photographs: an illustrated guide
LC 1.2: W 15
On These Walls: inscriptions and quotations in the buildings of the Library of Congress
NAS 1.83: NP-2012-07-889-HQ Earth as Art
NF 3.2: AM 3/8 Picturing America
NF 3.2: AM 3/9 Picturing America: America’s history through our nation’s art
SI 1.2:AM 1/3/800-900
American Art in the Making; preparatory studies for masterpieces of American Painting, 1800-1900
SI 1.2:C 43
Go Well, My Child: November 26, 1985-January 5, 1986/ photographs by Constance Larrabee
SI 1.2:SA 1
Arthur M. Sackler Gallery: a museum of Asian art in the Smithsonian Institution
SI 1.2:W 85
American Prints from Wood: an exhibition of wood cuts and wood engravings
SI 3.2:H 23 Harpsichords and Clavichords
SI 6.2 R 18 “…and there was light”: studies by Abraham Rattner for the stained glass window, Chicago Loop Synagogue
SI 6.2:W 93/2
Decorative Designs of Frank Lloyd Wright
SI 8.2:F 89 French Painting: National Gallery of Art
Y 1.1/3:S.DOC.107-11 United States Senate Catalogue of Fine Art
Y 1.1/2:S.DOC.109-2 United States Senate Catalogue of Graphic Art