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ML200 . 3.U2 1976 The music of George Washington's time / United States George Washington Bicentennial Commission
SI 1.28:27 Pianos in the Smithsonian Institution
LC 12.2:M 97/3 A bibliography of early secular American music (18th century) by Oscar George Theodore Sonneck.
SI 1.28:8 A Snetzler chamber organ of 1761 [by] John T. Fesperman.
LC 12.2:F 67/3/v.1 Musical instruments in the Dayton C. Miller flute collection at the Library of Congress : a catalog / compiled by Michael Seyfrit.
LC 12.2:F 67/2 The Dayton C. Miller flute collection : a checklist of the instruments / compiled by Laura E. Gilliam & William Lichtenwanger.
LC 12.2:M 97/5/1972 Music division: A guide to its collections and services
LC 12.2:M 97/5 The Music Division in the Library of Congress.
W 3.2:SO 5 Army song book
LC 12.7:11 Folk music of the United States issued from the collections of the archive of American folk song: Album XI, Sacred harp singing
LC 12.8:V 26 Discrepancies in Haydn biographies: A lecture delivered by Anthony Van Hoboken
LC 12.2:ST 8/1936 Stradivari quintet of stringed instruments in the Library of Congress
LC 12.2:M 97/6 Musical languages of Elliott Carter
LC 1.14:M 97/2 Philosophies of American music history, [by Robert Stevenson]; a lecture delivered in the Whittall Pavilion of the Library of Congress, January 9, 1969
LC 12.2:F 71/3/1964 Folk music: A catalog of folk songs, ballads, dances, instrumental pieces, and folk tales of the United States and Latin America on phonograph records
LC 12.2:F 71/3 Folk music: A selection of folk songs, ballads, dances, instrumental pieces, and folk tales of the United States and Latin America
LC 12.2:M 97/4 Music as the language of emotion: A lecture delivered by Carroll C. Pratt
ML 410. B13 RU47 Some aspects of the use of the flutes in the sacred choral and vocal works of Johann Sebastian Bach.
LC 12.8:P 65 Musical creation: A lecture delivered by Marc Pincherle
LC 12.8:K 96 Some sociological aspects of music: A lecture delivered by Jaap Kunst
D 214.2:B 22/2 "The President's Own" : United States Marine Band.
D 101.2:B 22 United States army band: "Pershing's own" 1922-1972
LC 1.14:M 97 On the meaning of music: A lecture delivered by Glen Haydon
LC 1.14:D 29/2 Words and music: A lecture delivered by Archibald T. Davison
LC 12.2:M 97 Catalogue of early books on music (before 1800)
LC 12.2:So 5/2:A-K Check-list of recorded songs in the English language in the Archive of American Folk Song to July 1940 : alphabetical list with geographical index.
EDD 1.4:M 87 azdocs Music playtime in the home : newsletter masters / by Susan Kujawski.

LC 39.11:3/v.-

LC 39.11:3/v.- LC 39.8:C 99/v.-
The Federal cylinder project : a guide to field cylinder collections in federal agencies.
LC 39.11:4 Ethnic heritage and language schools in America / developed by Elena Bradunas ; compiled and edited by Brett Topping.
LC 39.13/2:12 Puerto Rico recordings in the Archive of Folk Culture / compiled by Rodriguez, David J. ... [et al.].
LC 39.13/2:10 Kentucky recordings in the Archive of Folk Culture / compiled by Gregory Jenkins, Joseph C. Hickerson, and Ann C. Taft.
LC 39.13/2:7 Mexico recordings in the Archive of Folk Culture / compiled by Marjorie K. Crouch, Joseph C. Hickerson, and Therese Langer.
LC 40.2:P 96 Music of the American Indian : Northwest (Puget Sound) : from the Archive of Folk Culture / recorded and edited by Willard Rhodes.

PREX 1.21:M 61/PKG.

PREX 1.21:M 61/PKG./TAPE 1-
Millennium evenings at the White House [videorecording] : honor the past, imagine the future / presented by The White House Millennium Council, The National Endowment for the Humanities, Sun Microsystems.
Y 3 AM 3/6: 2 J 33 The American Bicentennial Jazz Celebration : [a plan developed by and sponsored jointly with the American Revolution Bicentennial Administration / illustrations by Alex Mattison]
SI 1.28:38  The musical instruments of Joseph Haydn : an introduction / Helen Rice Hollis.
LC 12.2:SO 8 The Sousa Band, a discography. Compiled by James R. Smart.
LC 1.12/2:Y 5/2 Yiddish American popular songs, 1895 to 1950 : a catalog based on the Lawrence Marwick roster of copyright entries / Irene Heskes.
SI 1.28:35 The orchestra at San Petronio in the baroque era / Eugene Enrico.
SI 1.28:19 Keyed bugles in the United States [by] Robert E. Eliason.
SI 1.28:47 The organs of Mexico City Cathedral / Dirk Andries Flentrop ; John Fesperman, translator.
LC 40.8:M 58 Library of Congress motion pictures, broadcasting, recorded sound : an illustrated guide.
LC 12.2 W52 Music, its past and its present; a lecture delivered by Sir Jack Westrup in the Whittall Pavilion of the Library of Congress, September 3, 1963.
LC 40.2:W 84 Wonderful inventions : motion pictures, broadcasting, and recorded sound at the Library of Congress / edited by Iris Newsom ; with an introduction by Erik Barnouw.
EDD 1.3:Y 58 azdocs You, your children & music
D 101.90:1110.3.120 Design guide for music and drama centers
D 1.2:F 96/KIT Military funeral honors : honoring those who served
LC 1.2:AR 7/3 Performing arts : music.
AA 1.2:N 66 Ya gotta say no / words by William R. Lundgren and Kurtis Blow ; music by Leigh Stevens.
HE 19.108:M 97 Music guide to classroom use in intermediate grades.
D 301.2:N 84 History of the Airmen of Note, the premier jazz ensemble of the United States Air Force / by Rich Mittelstadt.
D 301.2:N 84/2 The United States Air Force Airmen of Note : 50th anniversary : yesterday, today and tommorrow [sic].
HE 19.108:Ex 7/10 Exploring music careers : a student guidebook / by Richard Cornell, Mary Lewis Hansen, project director ; Sheila Dubman, illustrations ; Technical Education Centers, Inc.
D 214.2:B 22/3 "The President's Own" United States Marine Band [picture] : set of four historical drummer prints.
D 214.2:B 22/4 Historical perspective on the President's Own U.S. Marine Band : 200th anniversary / by D. Michael Ressler.
D 101.20:12-02 Z 5/2/rev. Enlisted bandleader.
D 101.20:12-02 T/2/rev. Guitar player.
D 101.20:12-02 P 4/3 Brass group leader.
D 101.2:J 33 The Jazz Ambassadors of the United States Army Field Band : the U.S. Army's finest jazz musicians
D 101.2:So 8/3 Soldiers of sound : Washington, D.C
D 101.2: B 22/5/990 The United States Army Field Band : from Washington, D.C. : the musical ambassadors of the Army.
D 101.2: B 22/4 The U.S. Army Field Band, Washington, D.C.
HE 20.8208: M46 Medical care at large gatherings : a manual based on experiences in rock concert medicine / by Gerald H. Dubin.
LC 12.2:C 74/2/ Concerts from the Library of Congress / Library of Congress Music Division.
LC 1.6/4:M 97 Music for silent films, 1894-1929 : a guide / compiled by Gillian B. Anderson ; with a foreword by Eileen Bowser.

LC 12.2 AF 8 

ML 120. A35 U5
African music; a briefly annotated bibliography, compiled by Darius L. Thieme.
I 29.2:B 62/4 Blue Ridge Music Center : Blue Ridge Parkway.
I 29.6:W 83 Wolf Trap Farm Park for the Performing Arts
I 29.2:B 62/4/996 Blue Ridge Music Center, Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina, Virginia : interpretive plan.
D 101.43/2:295/989 Enjoy a different kind of music career : Army bands.
D 101.43/2:299 Notes on Army bands.
LC 12.2:L 69 The music manuscripts, first editions, and correspondence of Franz Liszt (1811-1886) in the collections of the Music Division, Library of Congress / compiled by Elizabeth H. Auman and Raymond A. White, with the assistance of Gail L. Freunsch, and Robert J. Palian.

D 101.43/2:294

Army bands.
LC 39.11:1 Ethnic recordings in America : a neglected heritage.
LC 12.2 OP 2/v.1 Catalogue of opera librettos; printed before 1800. Prepared by Oscar George Theodore Sonneck.
LC 19.2: B 73/10 Dictionary of braille music signs / by Bettye Krolick.
LC 19.2:M 97/9 Music services for blind and physically handicapped individuals
LC 12.2:F 67/3/v.1 Musical instruments in the Dayton C. Miller flute collection at the Library of Congress : a catalog / compiled by Michael Seyfrit.
SI 2.3 Bulletin / Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of American Ethnology.