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Library of Congress

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LC 1.2:AM3/14 The American Solution: Origins of the United States Constitution
LC 1.2:AN7 Antonio Frasioni: At the Library of Congress
LC 1.2:AR7/3 Performing Arts: Music
LC 1.2:B64/9 Books in our Future: Perspectives and Proposals
LC 1.2:B64/10 Getting the Books Out: Papers of the Chicago Conference on the Book in 19th-Century America 
LC 1.2:B64/13 Books Change Lives: A Report on a National Reading Promotion Campaign
LC 1.2:C17 Growing Up on Capitol Hill: A Young Washingtonian's Journal 1850-1852
LC 1.2:C47 The Russian Orthodox church of Alaska and Aleutian Island and Its Relation to Native American Traditions
LC 1.2:C76/11 To Make all Laws: The Congress of the United States
LC 1.2:C86/3 Creating French Culture: Treasures from the Bibliotheque Nationale
LC 1.2:D81 Stick to Reality and a Dream
LC 1.2:F21  Family Ties in England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland: Sources for Genealogical Research
LC 1.2:G28 Genealogical Research: At the Library of Congress
LC 1.2:H62/7 America Preserved: A Checklist of Historic Buildings, Structures, and Sites
LC 1.2:J27 Window on Japan: Japanese Children's Books and Television Today
LC 1.2:J35/9 Justifying Jefferson: The Political Writings of John James Beckley
LC 1.2:J88 From the Ends of the Earth: Judaic Treasures of the Library of Congress
LC 1.2:L55 Leo Lionni at the Library of Congress
LC 1.2:L56 My Dear Wife; Letters from Members of Congress to their Spouses, 1791-1944
LC 1.2:M33 Marc Simont at the Library of Congress
LC 1.2:OD9 The African American Odyssey
LC 1.2:P75/9 Poetry's "Catbird Seat" at 60
LC 1.2:P92/3 The Presidents of  the United States: The First Twenty Years
LC 1.2:P83/3/996 Portrait Index of North American Indians in Published Collections
LC 1.2:R27 Religion and the Founding of the American Republic
LC 1.2:R32 Revelations from the Russian Archives
LC 1.2:R92/3 Russia Looks at America:The View to 1917
LC 1.2:SCI2/6 Vital Connections: Children, Science, and Books
LC 1.2:T67 The Tradition of Technology: Landmarks of Western Technology in the Collection of the Library Congress
LC 1.2:W84 Women: Journalists Photographers and Broadcasters During World War II
LC 1.6/4:AM3/2 American BookCovers 1830-1900
LC 1.6/4:EU7 Library of Congress European Collections: An Illustrated Guide
LC 1.6/4:G29 Library of Congress Geography and Maps: An Illustrated Guide
LC 1.6/4:H62/2 The Hispanic World 1492-1898: A Guide to Photoreproduced Manuscripts from Spain...........