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LC 1.2:AR 7/3 Performing Arts-Music
LC 1.2:AR 7/3/2002 Performing Arts-Broadcasting
LC 1.2:B 64/10 Getting the Books Out: Papers of the Chicago Conference on the Book in 19th-Century America
LC 1.2:B 64/13 Books Change Lives: A Report on a National Reading Promotion Campaign
LC 1.2:C 47 Russian Orthodox Church of Alaska & the Aleutian Islands & Its Relation to Native American Traditions-An Attempt at a Mulitcultural Society, 1794-1912 
LC 1.2:C 49/3 Full Circle: Ninety years of Service in the Main Reading Room
LC 1.2:C 76/11 To Make All Laws, the Congress of the United States, 1789-1989
LC 1.2:C 86/3 Creating French Culture
LC 1.2:G 28/2001 Genealogical Research at the Library of Congress
LC 1.2:G 31/2/994 German Collections of the Library of Congress: Chronological Development
LC 1.2:H 62/8 Gathering History
LC 1.2:H 62/9 Policital Cartoons From the Crash to the Millennium: Herblock's History
LC 1.2:J 35/8 Jefferson's Legacy: A Brief History of the Library of Congress
LC 1.2:L 55 Leo Lionni at the Library of Congress
LC 1.2:L 56 My Dear Wife: Letters From Members of Congress to Their Spouses, 1791-1944
LC 1.2:L 61/19 Library of Congress: It's More Than a Library
LC 1.2:M 33 Marc Simont at the Library of Comgress
LC 1.2:N 21/6/2000 Annual Review 2000: National Digital Library, Library of Congress
LC 1.2:OD 9 African American Odyssey
LC 1.2:P 92/3 Presidents of the United States: The First Twenty Years
LC 1.2:R 27 Religion and the Founding of the American Republic
LC 1.2:R 92/3 Russia Looks at America: The View to 1917
LC 1.2:SCI  2/6 Vital Connections: Children, Science, and Books
LC 1.2:T 36/2 Thomas Jefferson and the Education of a Citizen
LC 1.2:T 67 Tradition of Technology
LC 1.6/4:AF 8/2
African & Middle Eastern Collections
LC 1.6/4:AF 8/2 American Book Covers 1830-1900
LC 1.6/4:AS 4 Asian Collections
LC 1.6/4:EU 7 European Collections
LC 1.6/4:G 29 Georgraphy and Maps
LC 1.6/4:H 62/3 Hispanic and Portuguese Collections
LC 1.6/4:M 97 Music For Silent Films 1894-1929
LC 1.6/4:P 93 Prints and Photographs
LC 1.46:998 Performing Arts-Motion Pictures
LC 2.2:P 92/4/789-962 Presidents of the United States 1789-1962
LC 5.2:L 26/2
Language of the Land
LC 23.8:B 64
Rare Books and Special Collections
LC 39.2:V 64/KIT
Veterans History Project
LC 39.14:1985
Folklife Annual 1985
LC 39.14:
Folklife Annual
LC 40.2:T 23
Decades of Television
LC 40.2:W 84
Wonderful Inventions: Motion Pictures, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound at the Library of Congress
LC 40.8:M 58
Motion Pictures, Broadcasting, Recorded Sound