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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

National Library Month

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Picture Gallery


LC 1.2:AR 7/3 Performing Arts: Music
LC 1.2:AR 7/3/2002 

Performing Arts:Broadcasting

LC 1.2:B 63 Bob Hope & the American Variety
LC 1.2:C 17 Growing Up on Capitol Hill
LC 1.2:H 62/8 Gathering History
LC 1.2:H 81 The White House
LC 1.2:IN 3/2/2001 Information for Researchers
LC 1.2:J 35/8

Jefferson’s Legacy

LC 1.2:L 52 “Here to Stay”
LC 1.2:L 52/2 Here to Stay
LC 1.2:L 59 Rivers, Edens, Empires
LC 1.2:L 61/19 Library of Congress
LC 1.2:L 62 Let There be Light
LC 1.2:R 27 Religion & the Founding of the American Republic
LC 1.2:T 71/2 American Treasures
LC 1.2:W 15  On These Walls
LC 1.6/4:AM 3/2 American Book Covers
LC 1.6/4:AS 4 Library of Congress Asian Collections
LC 1.6/4:EU 7 Library of Congress European Collections
LC 1.6/4:G 29 Library of Congress Geography & Maps
LC 1.6/4:H 62/3 Library of Congress Hispanic & Portuguese Collections
LC 1.6/4:P 93 Library of Congress Prints & Photographs
LC 1.12/2:C 49 Civil War Diaries & Personal Narratives, 1960-1994
LC 1.46:992 Performing Arts at the Library of Congress
LC 1.46:998 Performing Arts Motion Pictures
LC 5.2:L 26/2 Language of the Land
LC 19.2:J 98  Blind Justice
LC 23.2:V 82 Vision of a Collector
LC 23.8:B 64 Library of Congress Rare Books & Special Collections
LC 39.14:990 Folklife Annual
LC 40.2:H 77 Bob Hope & American Variety, Now Showing at the Jefferson Bldg
LC 40.8:M 58 Library of Congress Motion Pictures, Broadcasting, Recorded Sound
Y 1.1/7:108-93 How Our Laws Are Made
Y 1.1/7:108-97 Our Flag