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Happy Birthday, Library of Congress (200th)

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Picture Gallery


LC 1.2:AM3/14 The American Solution: Origins of the United States Constitution
LC 1.2:AM3/15 Collections: Library of Congress, American Memory
LC 1.2:C17
Growing Up on Capitol Hill: a young Washingtonian's journal, 1850-1852
LC 1.2:C49
The American Civil War; a centennial exhibition
LC 1.2:C76/6
For Congress and the Nation: a chronological history of the Library of Congress
LC 1.2:C76/11 To Make all Laws: the Congress of the United States, 1789-1989
LC 1.2:D24 Dare to be Creative: a Lecture Presented at the Library of Congress, Nov. 16, 1983
LC 1.2:F21 Family Ties in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland : sources for genealogical research
LC 1.2:G28/997
Genealogical Research at the Library of Congress
LC 1.2:G31/2/994 The German Collections of the Library of Congress
LC 1.2:H62 History of the Library of Congress
LC 1.2:H62/5
Historic America: buildings, structures, and sites
LC 1.2:H62/8 Gathering History: the Marian S. Carson Collection of Americana
LC 1.2:P56/3 Image of America: Early Photography, Library of Congress, 1839-1900
LC 1.2:P56/5/846-946 A Century of Photographs, 1846-1946
LC 1.2:T71
American Treasures in the Library of Congress: memory, reason, imagination
LC 1.2:W15 On These Walls: Inscriptions and Quotations in the Buildings of the Library of Congress
LC 1.54:P84/CD French Posters from World War I
LC 1.6/4:AF8 The African-American Mosaic: a Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History & Culture
LC 4.2:C49
Civil War Manuscripts: a guide to collections in the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress
LC 17.9:J27 Japanese Local Histories in the Library of Congress: a Bibliography
LC 25.2:C19 Drawings of Nature and Circumstance, Caricature Since 1870
LC 25.2:C94
Drawing the Iron Curtain: Cold War cartoons, 1946-1960: a Caroline and Erwin Swann Memorial Exhibition
LC 25.2:G76 Graphic Sampler
LC 39.2:AM 3/995
American Folklife Center
LC 40.9:EA7 Early Motion Pictures: the Paper Print Collection in the Library of Congress