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World War I
D 114.2:AR 5/4/995
American Armies and Battlefields in Europe
D 114.2:B 32
Order of Battle of the United States Land Forces in the World War
D 114.8:V9
United States Army in the World War, 1917-1919
D 214.9/6:12-23
American Armies and Battlefields in Europe:  a history, guide, and reference book
World War II
D 102.8
Trails of War Criminals before the Nuernberg Military Tribunals under Control Council law no.10, Nuremberg, October 1946-April 1949
D 301.82/7:P91
Preemptive defense:  Allied air power versus Hilter’s V-weapons, 1943-1945
W 1.2:V3
Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression
Ebb and Flow
D 301.82/7:K84/5
The USAF in Korea:  a chronology, 1950-1953
Advice and Support:  the early years, 1941-1960
D114.7/3:P 96/968-73
Public affairs:  the Military and the media, 1968-1973
Gulf War
D 101.2:G95
Certain Victory
Lucrative Targets:  the U.S. Air Force in the Kuwaiti Theater of Operations – D301.82/7:K96
Iraqi Freedom
PR 43.2:2003006279
Apparatus of lies [electronic resource] : Saddam's disinformation and propaganda, 1990-2003
Y 3.P 31:20/98
Would an invasion of Iraq be a "just war"? [electronic resource
Y 3.P 31:20/102
After Saddam Hussein {electronic resource}:  Winning a Peace if it comes to War/Ray Salvatore Jennings