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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

The Spy Game - 007

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D 114.2:SI 2 U.S. Army Signals Intelligence in World War II: a documentary history
D 114.11:IN 8 Military Intelligence
D 221.2:IN 8 A Century of U.S. Naval Intelligence
PREX 3.2:C 67 At Cold War's End: US Intelligence on the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, 1989-1991
PREX 3.2:F 82 The Founding Fathers of American Intelligence
PREX 3.17:AS 7 Assessing the Soviet Threat: the early Cold War years
PREX 3.17:ES 8 Selected Estimates on the Soviet Union, 1950-1959
PREX 3.17:H 72 Studies in Intelligence
PREX 3.17:IN 8 Intentions and Capabilites: estimates on Soviet Strategic Forces, 1950-1983
PREX 3.17:L 63 "Our first line of defense": presidential reflections on US intelligence
PRVP 42.2:G 74/INTELL. Intelligence Community: accompanying report of the National Performance Review
S 1.1:945-50 Emergence of the Intelligence Establishment