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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

U.S. Coast Guard: Semper Paratus

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HS 1.2: SE 2 Securing our Homeland
HS 7.2:F 87/CORR. The Shield of Freedom
HS 7.2: R 63 Rogue Wave: The Coast Guard on and After 9/11
HS 7.8: M  72 Model Maritime Operations Guide
HS 7.16: 60/3 Proceedings of the Marine Safety Council
TD 5.2: AI 7 Air Search and Rescue
TD 5.2: AU 9/6 Auxiliary Program: Class “C” School Training
TD 5.2: C 63/20 The U.S. Coast Guard of the 21st Century
TD 5.2: C 63/21 America ’s Coast Guard: Safeguarding U.S. Maritime Safety and Security in the 21st Century
TD 5.2: C 63/22 21st Century Preview
TD 5.2: C 73/7 Commandant’s Direction
TD 5.2: D 36/4 Deepwater: America ’s Maritime Frontline
TD 5.2: D 36/5 The Deepwater Program: Renewing America’s Coast Guard
TD 5.2: EA 3/2/2000 The U.S. Coast Guard Baroque Eagle
TD 5.2: F 53/4/2001 Federal Requirements for Commercial Fishing Industry Vessels
 TD 5.2: G 93/2 U.S. Coast Guard: America’s Maritime Guardian
TD 5.2: G 93/3 America’s Lifesaver and Guardian of the Seas
TD 5.2: H 62/3 The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary: A History 1939-1999
TD 5.2: H 75 Maritime Strategy for Homeland Security
TD 5.2: P 76/4 Pollution Discharge Restrictions Aid
TD 5.2: UN 3 U.S. Coast Guard 1790-1990
TD 5.6: IN 8/999 Navigation Rules: International-Inland
Y 3.2: R 64/C 63 A Coast Guard for the Twenty-First Century

Y 4. C 73/7: S.HRG. 107-1034

Role of Coast Guard and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Strengthening Security Against Maritime Threat

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