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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

We Call...They Answer (Veteran's Day)

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D 5.402:G 28 Generals of the Ardennes: American Leadership in the Battle of the Bulge
D 5.402:K 84 The Impact of US Forces in Korea
D 101.74:N 81 p/966-68 The War in the Northern Provinces 
D 114.2:K 84/7 Korea 1951-1953
D 114.2:W 57 The Whirlwind War
D 207.10/2:AV 5/2 Naval Aviation in World War I
D 214.13:D 33 V-J Day 
D 214.13:P 19/2  Just Cause: Marines Operations in Panama, 1988-1990
D 214.13:V 67/966  Small Unit Action in Vietnam Summer 1966
D 214.13:V 67/3  Marines and Military Law in Vietnam Trial by Fire
D 214.13:W 84  Women Marines in World War I
D 221.2:G 95  Shield & Sword
D 301.82/7:ID 2  Ideas and Weapons
D 214.13:W 84  Women Marines in World War I
PREX 3.10/4:W 89/51  Political Map of the World (April 2000)

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