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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Veteran's Day

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D 1.2:D 214.13:AN 4B 56/985 Black Americans in Defense of our Nation
D 103.43/4:1 The Damned Engineers
D 114.2:AR 5/4 American Armies and Battlefields in Europe
D 114.2:B 56 Black Soldier, White Army
D 114.2:D 45 Lucky War
D 114.2:K 84/10 We Can Do It
D 114.2:M 46/2 History of the U.S. Army Medical Service Corps
D 114.2:P 11/2  Reorganizing for Pacification Support
D 114.2:SO 4/5 Soldiers are Our Credentials
D 114.2:W 84 Women's Army Corps
D 114.2:W 89 U.S. Army and WWII
D 114.14/2:W 84/2 History of the Women Marines
D 114.14/4:M 33/2 Free a Marine to Fight:Women Marines in World War II
D 114.19:M 56 Getting the Message Through
D 114.19:M 46865-917  The Army Medical Department 1865-1917
D 114.19:W 84 Women's Army Corps, 1945-1975
D 201.33: History of the Chaplain Corps, U.S. Navy...Training Manual (microfiche)
D 207.12:9- Naval Documents of the American Revolution
D 211.2:Sa 3 Mud, Muscle & Miracles: Marine Salvage in the U.S. Navy
D 214.9/6:12-109-11 Amphibians Came to Conquer
D 214.13:AN 4 Angels from the Sea
D 214.13:K 84/2 Fire Brigade; U.S. Marines in the Pusan Perimeter
D 214.13:K 84/3 Battles of the Barricades; U.S. Marines in the Recapture of Seoul
D 214.13:P 43/4 U.S. Marines in the Persian Gulf, 1990-1991; Marine Communications in Desert Shield and Desert Storm
D 214.13:P 43/6 U.S. Marines in the Persian Gulf, 1990-1991; Combat Service Support in Desert Shield and Desert Storm
D 214.14/4:G 93 First Offensive: the Marine Campaign for Guadalcanal
D 221.2:G 95 Shield and Sword
D 301.82:C 83 With Courage; the U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II

A model airplane marked "United States of America X-30".  Came as part of a depository shipment around 1994.  No SuDoc #.

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