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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Featuring Some of our Unique Titles & Librarians' Favorites!
D 101.2:SE 2/5
The Most Secret War
D 103.2:SA 9/5
In Those Days: African-American life near the Savannah River
D 301.82/7:R 73
The Roswell Report: fact versus fiction in the New Mexico desert
E 1.2:B 86/9
Building the Bombs: a history of the nuclear weapons complex
HE 1.2:SW 6
The Swine Flu Affair: decision making on a slippery disease
I 29.2:M 88
Mud & Guts: a look at the common soldier of the American Revolution
I 29.2:P 16
An Eye for History: the paintings of William Henry Jackson
I 29.2:T 64/3
The Most Striking of Objects: the totem poles of Sitka National Historical Park
I 49.2:B 53/4
Fifty Birds of Town and City
J 1.2:P 82
Attorney General's Commission on Pornography: final report
LC 1.2:AR 7/3
Performing Arts: Music
LC 1.2:AR 7/3/2002
Performing Arts: Broadcasting
LC 1.6/4:m 97
Music for Silent Films, 1894-1929
LC 1.46
Performing Arts: Motion pictures
NAS 1.19:177
A Meeting with the Universe: science discoveries from the space program
NF 3.2:H 62
My History is America's History: 15 things you can do to save America's stories
NS 1.2:SU 7
Survival in Antarctica
Y 3.C 76/3:2 SP 8
Sprocket Man: CPSC comics

From the Map Department (LC Call #):
G 1046.E 65 H66 1999
Language of the Land: Library of Congress book of literary maps