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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Creepy and Scary Documents

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S 1.2:H 88/8 1999 US International Response to HIV/AIDS
Y 3.AC 7:2/Ai 2 AIDS: An Expanding Tragedy
PREX 1.19:B 52/C 62 Cloning human beings: report and recommendations of the National Bioethics Advisory Commission
Y 3.2: C73/2/W37 Combating Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction
Y 4.AR 5/2 A:999-2000/31 Electromagnetic Pulse Threats to US Military and Civilian
HE 20.7817: Emerging infectious diseases
HE 20.7320: HIV Surveillance Report
FT 1.2:T 34 ID Theft: When Bad Things Happen to Your Good Name
D 5.417:95 Iraq's Enduring Proliferation Threat
J 1.14/7-6: Law Officers Killed and Assaulted
D 104.35: pt.1/v.2 Medial Consequences of Nuclear Warfare
HE 20.7009: Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report: MMWR
J 29.13: M 94/2 Murder in Families
D 5.417:59 Nuclear Smuggling: How Serious a Threat
S 1.138: Patterns of Global Terrorism
Y 3.T 22/2:2 W 37/2 Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction
Y 4.AR 5/2 A:999-2000/21 Recent Counterintelligence Problems at Department of Energy Laboratories
D 1.2:R 11/V.1-2 Report on Search for Human Radiation Experiment Records, 1944-1994
Y 3.N 88: 20/ Report to Congress on Abnormal Occurrences
PREX 1.19:B 52ET 3/EXEC.SUM Research Involving Human Biological Materials: Ethical Issues and Policy Guidance: Executive Summary
FEM 1.8:R 49 Risks and Hazards: A State by State Guide
D 301.82/7:R 73 The Roswell Report: Fact Versus Fiction in the New Mexico Desert
Y 4.AR 5/2 A: 999-2000/32 Russian Threat Perceptions and Plans for Sabotage Against the United States
S 1.138/2: Significant Incidents of Political Violence Against America
J 29.13:V 81/5 Violence Against Women: Estimates from the Redesigned Survey

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