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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Russia... Through the Years

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D 5.417:76 Building the NATO/Russian Relationship
D 5.417:34 NATO Enlargement; a Russian Perspective
D 101.22:550-115 Russia: a country study
D 114.2:ST 1/2011 Stalingrad to Berlin: the German defeat in the East
D 114.19:M 85 Moscow to Stalingrad: decision in the East
GS 4.20:11/2 Records of the Russian-American Company, 1802, 1817-1867
HE 20.6209:5/9 Vital and Health Statistics: Russia Federation and United States, selected years, 1980-1993
HE 20.6209.5/10 Maternal and Child Health Statistics: Russian Federation and United States, selected years, 1985-95
L 3.T 22/2:2 R 92 U.S.-Russian Cooperation in Space
L 29.16:R 92 Russia
LC 1.2:R 92/3 Russia Looks at America: the view to 1917
NAS 1.21:2001-4225 Shuttle-Mir: the U.S. and Russia share history’s highest stage
PREX 28.18:R 92 (EL)

Russia: the impact of climate change to 2030
S 1.1:969-76/V.15 Foreign Relations of the United States, Soviet Union, June 1972-Aug.1974
S 1.1:969-76/V.34 Foreign Relations of the United States, National Security Policy, 1969-1972
S 1.2:M 85 Moscow Treaty; between the United States of America and the Russian Federation on Strategic Offensive Reductions, May 24, 2002
S 1.2:R 92/3/765-815 United States and Russia: the beginning of relations, 1765-1815
S 1.2:SO 8/15 Soviet-American Relations
S 1.123:R 91/2000 Background Notes, Russia
SI 1.14:3 People of the Soviet Union
Y 3.P 31:2 UK 7/2 (microfiche) Ukraine and Russia: a fraternal rivalry
Y 3.R 27/16:R 92 (EL)

Y 4.G 74/6:W 26 The Warsaw Pact: its role in Soviet bloc affairs; a study
Y 4.SE 2:R 92/14 Violence and Impunity: Life in a Russian Newsroom
Y 4.W 36:112-25 Russia’s Accession to the World Trade Organization and Granting Russia Permanent Trade Relations; a hearing