"Garden of the World": The Lewis & Clark Expedition

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AE 1.129:2003
National Archives Calendar of Events, Jan '03 (Inside brochure: Beginning of the Lewis & Clark Expedition; Jefferson's secret message to Congress)
D 114.2:L 58
The United States Army and the Lewis & Clark Expedition
I 20.2:IN 2/26/974
Famous Indians; a collection of short biographies
I  29.2:H 62/9/V. 5
Explorers & Settlers
I 29.2:H 62/9/V. 13
Lewis & Clark
I 29.9/5:116
Exploring the American West, 1803-1879
I 29.88/3:L 58/DRAFT
Concept Plan, Environmental Assessment; the Lewis & Clark Trail Center
I 29.88/3:L 58/2
The Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail
I 53.2:Up 6
Highlights of the Upper Missouri National Wild & Scenic River; Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail
I 53.2:UP 6/4
Floating the Upper Missouri
Y 1.1:L 93
Purchase of the Territory of  Louisiana; State papers and correspondence
From other collections:
F 592.4  1983
The Journals of the Lewis & Clark Expedition
F 592.7 S1265
National Geographic Guide to the Lewis & Clark Trail
G 4127.L4
1990 .S2
Lewis & Clark in the Rocky Mountains  (map)
G 4127.L4
1997 .US 1997
Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail  (map)
Online sources:

http://history.sd.gov  (South Dakota State Historical Society online exhibit)

(Library of Congress Exhibition)

http://www.webharvest.gov/peth04/20041017030822/dorgan.senate.gov/lewis_and_clark/intro.html (Lewis & Clark in North Dakota)