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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Govt Information on Food, Nutrition, and Health

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Web printouts from: MyPyramid Plan - United States Department of Agribusiness

Mayor's Fitness Council - City of San Antonio

A 1.77:252-S/2003 La Guía pirámide de alimentos (2003)
A 1.77:267-1 How Much Are You Eating? (2002)
A 1.77:267-4 Fabulous Fruits...Versatile Vegetables (2003)
A 98.2:IR 7 Irradiation of Raw Meat and Poultry; questions and answers (2003)
A 98.9:302 Healthy School Meals...Healthy Kids! a leadership guide for school decision-makers (1997)
GA 1.13:RCED-98-103 Food Safety; federal efforts to ensure the safety of imported foods are inconsistent and unreliable (1998)
HE 20.3152:EA 8/2 Eating Hints for Cancer Patients (1995)
HE 20.3302:C 99/3 Weight Cycling (1995)
HE 20.3302:EA 8/2000 Binge Eating Disorder (2000)
HE 20.3302:G 21/2 Gastric Surgery for Severe Obesity (1996)
HE 20.3302:L 95 Very Low-Calorie Diets (1995)
HE 20.3302:OV 2/999 Do You Know the Health Risks of Being Overweight? (1999)
HE 20.3302:W 42/2 Weight Loss for Life (2000)
HE 20.3302:W 42/3 Weight Control Information Network (2001_
HE 20.3302:W 42/4 Weight-loss and Nutrition Myths; how much do you really know? (2000)
HE 20.3352:M 59/2/2000
HE 20.3352:M 59/2/SPAN.
Milk Matters for Your Child's Health (2000)
La leche para la salud de sus hijos (2000)
HE 20.3352:M 59/3 Why Milk Matters: Questions and Answers for Professionals (1999)
HE 20.4002:C 19
HE 20.4002:C 19/SPAN.
Carlos' Tragic and Mysterious Illness; how Carlos almost died by eating contaminated raw oysters (2003)
La trágica y misteriosa enfermedad de Carlos; cómo Carlos casi muere luego de comer ostiones crudos contaminados (2003)
HE 20.4002:EA 8/2/999
HE 20.4002:EA 8/2/SPAN
Eating Well as We Age (1999)
Comiendo bien en la vejez (1999)
HE 20.4002:F 73/25/999 Using the Food Label to Choose Healthier Foods (1999)
HE 20.4002:F 73/27/2001 Food Code (2001)
HE 20.4002:J 93 What Consumers Need to Know about Juice Safety (1998)
HE 20.4002:SA 1/2/2000 Keep Your Food Safe (2000)
HE 20.4002:SA 1/3 Food Safety from Farm to Table; a national food-safety initiative (1997)
HE 20.4002:W 42/998 Losing Weight Safely (1998)
HE 20.6202:N 95/19 Overweight among U.S. Children and Adolescents (2002)
HE 20.6202:N 95/20 Use of Dietary Supplements (2002)
HE 20.7042/6:2004 Health, United States, 2004
HE 20.7042/6-2:2004 Special Excerpt: trend tables on 65 and older population (2004)
Y 4.ED 8/1:108-27 Food for Thought: how to improve child nutrition programs (2003)
Y 4.ED 8/1:108-43 Encouraging Health Choices for Healthy Children (2004)
Y 4.G 74/7:AM 3/19 The Supersizing of America: the federal government's role in combating obesity and promoting healthy living (2004)
Y 4.G 74/9:S.HRG.107-210 Food Safety and Security: can our fractured food safety system rise to the challenge? (2001)
Y 4.L 11/4:S.hrg.107-477 Getting Fit, Staying Healthy: strategies for improving nutrition and physical activity in America (2002)