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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

More Than Just "The Blues"

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 For this display on depression, I made a sign with the following quote:

"In any given 1-year period, 9.5 percent of the population, or about 18.8 million American adults, suffer from a depressive illness.. Most   people with a depressive illness do not seek treatment, although the great majority - even those whose depression is extremely severe - can be helped." - National Institute of Mental Health

Another sign contained some basic information about SAD (seasonal depression). I downloaded an online depression screening test from the New York University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry (see last URL under "Internet  Resources".) Also, I requested several booklets about depression and bipolar disorder from the National Institute of Mental Health.

HE 20.3002:D 44/4 Depression Through the Ages 
HE 20.3002: SE 1/2 Phototherapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder
HE 20.3002:SE 1/3 Seasonal Affective Disorder: a description of the syndrome and premliminary finding with light therapy
HE 20.3002:SE 1/4 Seasonal Affective Disorder
HE 20.3615/2:91-18 Seasonal Affective Disorder: January 1986 through December 1991
HE 20.3861:D 44 Depression, a Serious but Treatable Illness 
HE 20.62009/3:236 Negative Moods as Coorelates of Smoking and Heavier Drinking: implication for health promotion
HE 20.6502:M 46/7/DISORDER Discussion Paper. Measuring health care quality: Major Depressive Disorder 
HE 20.8102:AD 7/2 Adolescence and Depression 
HE 20.8102:D 44/19 Depression :what every woman should know
HE 20.8102:D 44/21/2000 Let's Talk about Depression 
HE 20.8102:D 44/22 Depression and Suicide Facts for Older Adults
HE 20.8102:D 44/23 What to do When a Friend is Depressed 
HE 20.8128:D 44/994 Plain Talk About-- Depression
J 28.24/7:AD 7/2 Adolescent Girls: the role of depression in the development of delinquincy: summary research
Y 4.G 74/7:AC 2/14 Accutane--is the acne drug treatment linked to depression and suicide? Hearing before the committee on Government Reform, House of Representation, One hundred Sixth Congress

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