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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

October - National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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HE 20.3152: B74/6/2000
What you need to know about breast cancer (National Cancer Institute, 2000)
HE 20.3152:B 74/25
The Facts about Breast Cancer and Mammograms
HE 20.3152: B74/26
Estimating Breast Cancer Risk (National Cancer Institute, 1998)
HE 20.3152: B75/999 and /VIDEO
Genetic testing for Breast Cancer Risk; It’s Your Choice. (National Cancer Institute and Department of Health and Human Services
HE 20.3152: C77/2000
Down Home Healthy Cookin’: Recipes and Healthy Cooking Tips (National Cancer Institute, 2000)
HE 20.3152: H34/3
The Picture of Health: how to increase breast cancer screening in your community. (National Cancer Institute, 1993)
HE 20.3152:M 31/11
Mammograms: Not Just Once, But For a Lifetime, (National Cancer Institute)
HE 20.3152:M31/11/group
Mammograms…Not just once but for a lifetime (large print flyer, 1998)
HE 20.3152: M31/11/2000/SPAN
Los Mamogramas: No Solamente Una Vez, Sino Por Toda La Vida,( Instituto Nacional del Cáncer.)
HE 20.3152:P19/7/Display
Spread the word about mammograms and the pap test: an educational resource for health care professionals (National Cancer Institute)
HE 20.3152: T48

Taking Time: Support for People with Cancer and the People Who Care About Them, (National Cancer Institute.)
HE 20.3175:M31/11/HISP/BKMARK/2000
Mammograms…Not just once but for a lifetime (Hispanic bookmark)
Do it for your self, do it for your family: get a mammogram every 1 to 2 years (in English, Chinese, Vietnamese and Tagalog, National Cancer Institute)

Over Age 40? Consider Mammograms (posters: Asian, African-American, Caucasian, Native American, Hispanic)
PS 595. B73 H4 1988
Her Soul Beneath the Bone: Women’s Poetry on Breast Cancer, Leatrice Lifshitz, ed. University of Illinois Press, 1988.
RC280.B8 A444 1996
Altman, Roberta: Waking Up/Fighting Back: The Politics of Breast Cancer. Little, Brown and Co., 1996.  
RC 280.B8 L29 1993
LaTour, Kathy: The Breast Cancer Companion. Avon Books, 1993. 
TR 681.W6 M94 1996
Myers, Art: Winged Victory: Altered Images Transcending Breast Cancer.  Poems by Maria Marrochino. Photographic Gallery of Fine Art Books, 1996.

Altman, Roberta: Waking Up/Fighting Back: The Politics of Breast Cancer. Little, Brown and Co., 1996.  


This Flyer was a Part of the Display


Wyndham Robertson Library holds a number of government resources with current health information. This display features a selection on the topic of breast cancer, and includes information on online government sources.

The Government Documents Collection is located on the first floor of the library directly past the reference desk. Come and browse the shelves – for example, try our Health and Human Services documents under the “HE” call number. Or search the library’s on-line catalog. (

National Cancer Institute –

Gateway to government health departments and initiatives -
  HealthNews, Library, Organizational Directory, Online Checkups -
  National Women’s Health Information Center -
Medline Plus – Health Topics, Drug Information, Medical Dictionaries and other resources. -
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -
Food and Drug Administration -
  National Library of Medicine -
  Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality -
  Call the Cancer Information Service at 1-800-4-CANCER at TTY 1-800-332-8615
  or the National Women’s Health Information Center at 1-800-994-WOMAN.