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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

I Have a Dream

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"I Have a Dream ..."


CR. 1.2:B 81/3 Twenty Years After Brown
CR 1.2: Sch 6/2 Civil Rights USA/Public Schools, Southern States, 1962
CR 1.2:T 48 A Time to Listen…a Time to Act
CR 1.10: 14 Cycle to Nowhere
CR 1.10:34 Federal Civil Rights Enforcement Effort; one year later
CR 1.10: 36 Your Child and Busing
HS 8.2: C 49/2007 The Citizen’s Almanac
I 29.2:L 62/3 With Liberty and Justice for All; making civil rights real in America
I 29.58/3:M 36 Martin Luther King , Jr. National Historic Site, Historic Resource Study
S 20.2:T 91 Twentieth Century Americans
X 88-1:H.DOC.75 Civil Rights; message from the President of the United States relative to Civil Rights
Y 3.N 21/29:2 N86 Now is the Time; Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service
Y 3.W 58/15:1/966 The White House Conference; to fulfill these rights
TeachingAmericanHistory.orgTranscript of MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech