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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

November Is Native American Heritage Month

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Picture Gallery


D 110.2:SI 7
Atlas of the Sioux Wars (electronic)

HH 1.2: ES 7

Voices-- Visions--: a collection of essays by Native American youth

HE 20.7002:D 54/9

Coyote and the Turtle’s Dream

I 1.84:AM 3

American Indian and Alaska Native Arts and Crafts

I 1.84:B 46

Beverly Jose Sacoman, paintings

I 1.84:D 34

Deanne Morris and Denelle Parsons: native crafts
I 1.84:H 62 Historic and Contemporary Plateau and Plains Cradles

I 1.84:IN 2/3

Indian Arts and Crafts Act

I 1.84:J 48

Jerry Fogg

I 1.84:L 55

Paintings, Leon A. Rattler
I 1.84:P 69/4 Plains Indian Leggings from the Museum of the Plains Indian
I 1.84:P 69/5 Plains Indian Sign Language
I 1.84:R 71 Glass Seed Embroidery
I 1.84/4:2 Graphic Arts of the Alaskan Eskimo
I 29.2:L 52 In the Valley of the Ancients: a book of Native American Legends
I 29.2:T 64/3/2012 Most Striking of Objects: the totem poles of Sitka National
I 29.2:T 71/6 Keepers of the Treasures: protecting historic properties and cultural traditions on Indian lands
LC 1.6/4:N 21 Many Nations: a Library of Congress resource guide for the study of Indian and Alaska native peoples of the United Sates
LC 2.2:IN 25 Folklore of the North American Indians; an annotated bibliography

SI 1.20/2:

Handbook of North American Indians
SI 2.3:195 Ponca Tribe
SI 2.3:187 Iroquois Music and Dance
Y 4.IN 2/11: S.HRG.108=693 Code Talkers: hearing before the committee on Indian Affairs