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Native Americans

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AE 2.106/3:25/ Code of Federal Regulations - Indians
C 3.205/8-2:1-15 American Indian & Alaska Native Population 2000
C 21.2:N 21 Official Insignia of Native American Tribes Report
C 46.2:IN 2/16
American Indian Reservations & Trust Areas
D 1.2:W 25
20th Century Warriors
E 1.8:N 21/2
Native Power: A Handbook on Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency for Native American Communities
ED 1.302:C 37/3/993-94
Characteristics of American Indian & Alaska Native Education
ED 1.310/2:438155
Teaching American Indian & Alaska Native Languages in the Schools
ED 1.328/7:IN 2
American Indians & Alaska Natives in Post-Secondary Education
ED 1.331/2:EDO-RC-00-3
Issues in the Education of American Indian & Alaska Native Students With Disabilites
ED 1.331/2:EDO-RC-01-2
American Indian/Alaska Native Education & Standards-Based Reform
ED 1.331/2:EDO-RC-01-3
Career & Academic Guidance for American Indian & Alaska Native Youth
ED 1.331/2:EDO-RC-01-10
Teaching Reading to American Indian/Alaska Native Students
ED 1.331/2:EDO-RC-01-11
Social & Emotional Distress Among American Indian & Alaska Native Students
ED 1.331/2:EDO-RC-01-12
Schooling for Self-Determination: Research on the Effects of Including Native Language & Culture in the Schools
ED 1.331/2:EDO-RC-01-13
Preparing Teachers to Support American Indian & Alaska Native Student Success & Cultural Heritage
ED 1.331/2:EDO-RC-02-3
Theoretical Perspectives, Research Findings, & Classroom Implications of the Learning Styles of American Indian & Alaska Native Students
ED 1.331/2:EDO-RC-02-4
Reliability, Validity, & Authenticity in American Indian & Alaska Native Research
ED 1.331/2:EDO-RC-02-8
Using Culturally & Linguistically Appropriate Assessment to Ensure that American Indian & Alaska Native Students Receive the Special Education Programs & Services They Need
ED 1.331/2:EDO-RC-02-11
Nurturing Resilience & School Success in American Indian & Alaska Native Students
HE 20.302:AM 3/2
American Indian & Alaska Native Elders: An Assessment of their Current Status & Provision of Services
HE 20.302:H 75
Honor the Gift of Food
HE 20.302:N 21
Native Americans & Kidney Transplants
HE 20.3152/N 21/4
Native Outreach: A Report to American Indian, Alaska Native & Native
HE 20.3152:N 21/4 EXEC.SUM.
Hawaiian Communities/Executive Summary
HE 20.3152:T 67
Traditional Foods can be Healthy
HE 20.3193:P 19/VIDEO
Pap Test & Cervical Cancer Video
HE 20.3302:P 64
Pima Indians: Pathfinders for Health
HE 24.2:C 49
Strengthening the Circle: Child Support for Native American Children
I 1.84:
American Indian & Alaska Native Arts & Crafts (various topics)
I 20.2:AM 3/2/991
American Indians Today
I 20.2:AM 3/3
American Indian Population & Labor Force Report 2001
I 20.2:F 76/6
Forestry History of Ten Wisconsin Indian Reservations under the Great Lakes Agency: Pre-Contact to Present
I 20.2:IN 2/34
Federal Indian Policies, 1993-1998
I 20.2:IN 2/35
Indian Labor Force Report: Portrait 1997
I 20.2:IN 2/36
Indian Labor Force Report, 1999
I 20.2:P 11
Na'Neelzhin Ji Olta'Plant Book Nanise Ba Hane
I 29.2:L 52
In the Valley of the Ancients: A Book of Native American Legends
I 53.2:AR 2/
Intrigue of the Past: Discovering Archeology in...
J 29.2:AM 3
American Indians & Crime
J 29.2:J 19/2
Jails in Indian Country, 1998 and 1999
LC 1.2:P 83/3/996
Portrait Index of North American Indians in Published Collection
LC 1.6/4:N 21
Many Nations: A Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Guide for the Study of  Indian & Alaska Native Peoples of the U.S.
SI 1.20/2:
Handbook of North American Indians (several volumes)
TD 2.8:IN 2
Indian Reservation Roads Program: Transportation & Guidelines
TD 8.2:T 73/4
Tribal Communities: Reducing Motor Vehicle-Related Crash Deaths by Increasing Usage of Occupant Protection
VA 1.2:N 21/2
Native American Veterans
Y 2.IN 2/11:J 97
Jurisdiction on Indian Reservations
Y 2.IN 2/11:L 22/5
Ancient Indian Land Claims
Y 4.IN 2/11:S.HRG.107-519/PT.1&2
Native American Sacred Places
Y 4.IN 2/11:S.HRG.107-601
Native American Elder Health Issues
Y 4.IN 2/11:S.HRG.107-605
Impact of Supreme Court Rulings on Law Enforcement  in Indian Country
Y 4.IN 2/11:S.HRG.107-608
Zuni Indian Tribe Water Settlement Act
Y 4.IN 2/11:S.HRG.107-614
Regulate Air Quality on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation
Y 4.IN 2/11:S.HRG.107-623
Native American Commercial Driving Training & Technical Assistance Act
Y 4.IN 2/11:S.HRG.107-633
Individual Indian Money Accounts
Y 4.IN 2/11:S.HRG.107-647
Indian Trust Asset & Trust Fund Management & Reform Act
Y 4.IN 2/11:S.HRG.107-758
Problems Facing Native American's Youths...Hearing
Y 4.IN 2/11.S.HRG.107-862
Intra-Tribal Leadership Disputes & Tribal Governance...Hearing