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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Native American History Month

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Picture Gallery


A 13.2:M 46/6

Medicine Creek Rock Art

AE 2.106/3:25/

CFR - Indians

ED 1.328/7:IN 2 American Indians & Alaska Natives in Postsecondary Education
ED 1.331/2:EDO-RC-02-11

Nurturing Resilience & School Success in American Indian & Alaska Native Students

ED 1.331/2:EDO-RC-02-12

Can Education Play a Role in the Prevention of Youth Gangs in Indian Country?  One Tribe’s Approach

ED 1.331/2:EDO-RC-02-14

Setting the Agenda: American Indian & Alaska Native Education Research Priorities

EP 2.2:T 73

How Water Quality Standards Protect Tribal Waters

HE 20.302:C 43/3

Children & Youth Initiative Grant Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives, FY 2003

HE 20.302:C 91

Indian Health Service: A Culture of Caring

HE 20.302:EY 3

Eye Damage “Retinopathy”

HE 20.302:F 32

Taking Care of Your Feet
HE 20.302:H 35

Taking Care of Your Heart

HE 20.302:N 22

2000 Navajo Middle School Youth Risk Behavior Survey

HE 20.7002:EY 3

Through the Eyes of the Eagle

HE 20.7002:K 3

Knees Lifted High

HE 20.7002:P 69

Plate Full of Color

HE 20.7002:T 71

Tricky Treats

I 1.84:

Native American & Alaska Native Arts & Crafts (Various Titles)

I 20.2:AM 3/2/991

American Indians Today

I 20.2:AM 3/3

American Indian Population & Labor Force Report (2001)

I 20.2:IN 2/34

Federal Indian Policies (1993-1998)

I 29.2:IN 2/19

“Peace Through Unity”; Nat’l Design Competition for an Indian Memorial

I 29.2:IN 2/20

American Indians & Yellowstone National Park

I 29.2:K 74/4

Research Program for the Knife River Indian Villages Nat’l Hist. Site (4 pts)

I 29.2:T 64/3

The Most Striking of Objects

I 29.2:T 71/6

Keepers of the Treasures

I 29.6/6:H 86

Hubbell Trading Post

I 29.6/6:K 74

Knife River

I 29.6/6:W 27

Washita Battlefield

I 29.88/6:H 77

Hopewell Culture

J 28.23:AL 1

Promising Practices & Strategies to Reduce Alcohol & Substance Abuse…

J 28.38:IN 3

American Indian Suicides in Jail: Can Risk Screening be Culturally Sensitive?

LC 1.6/4:L 41

Law Library (pages 52-67)  Law of Indigenous People

LC 39.14:987

Folklife Annual, 1987 (pages 34-85)

SI 1.20/2:4

Handbook of North Am. Indians; History of Indian-White Relations

SI 1.20/2: 13/Pt.1

Handbook of North American Indians; Plains

SI 1.20/2: 13/Pt.2

Handbook of North American Indians; Plains

SI 1.20/2:17

Handbook of North American Indians; Languages

Y 3.D 63/3:8 T61

Understanding Disabilities in American Indian & Alaska Native Communities

Y 4.IN 2/11:S.HRG.108-693

Code Talkers

Y 4.IN 2/11:S.HRG.109-97

Acknowledgment and Apology

Y 4.IN 2/11:S.HRG.109-297

Native American Graves Protection & Repatriation Act

Y 4.IN 2/11:S.HRG.109-565

Indian Education

Y 4.IN 2/11:S.HRG.107-519/Pt. 1 

Native American Sacred Places

Y 4.IN 2/11:S.HRG.107-519/Pt.2  

Native American Sacred Places