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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Holocaust Remembrance

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 S 1.2:H 74 Washington Conference on Holocaust-era Assets, Nov30-Dec3, 1998
Y 3.H 74:2 C 43/3 The Storu of Karl Stojka: a childhood in Birkenau: exhibition at the embassy of Australia, April 30 to May29, 1992
Y 3.H 74.2 C 73 Commemorative Observances for Days of Remembrance
Y 3.H 74:2 D 22/2/PACK Danish rescue boat; Shoes; Stars; Triangles and markings; Ringelbum milk can; Railway car; Racial Hygiene [pictures]
Y 3.H 74:2 H 19/999 Handicapped 
Y 3.H 74:2 H 74/7 The Holocaust: a historical summary
Y 3.H 74:2 N 23 Nazi Book Burnings and the American Response
Y 3.H 74: D 22/2/PACKET Remember the Children: Daniel's story: teacher guide
Y 3.H 74:8 33/990 Days of Remembrance,1990
Y 3.H 74:8 33/993 Days of Remembrance, April 18-25, 1993: fifty years ago: revolt amid the darkness
Y 3.H 74:8/T 22/994 Guidelines for Teaching About the Holocaust
Y 3.H 74:8/T 22/3/PACK Hidden History of the Kovno Ghetto : teacher guide
Y 3.H 74:11 H 74 Directory of Holocaust Institutions
Y 4.B 22/1:106-44 Restituition of Holocaust Assets: hearing before the Committee on Banking and Financial Services
Y 4.B 22/3 S.HRG 105-1001 Current Developments in Holocaust Assets Restitution
Y 4.F 76/2 S.HRG 106-551 The Legacies of the Holocaust