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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Picture Gallery


February is Black History month. Almost all my pictures were photocopies from different books and articles as well as a few newspaper articles.  I mixed in some very bright matts for some of articles. The purple background made the black and white photocopies stand out. The title of the display was to portray these personalities as "headliners" in books and newspapers as well as life itself. Some of the documents I used were old, these were useful for the display:

I 29.2:G 29/4  Fourth Grade Curriculum: George Washington Carver National Monument
I 29.2:T 87 Tuskegee Institute National Historic Site: General Management Plan
I 29.21:B 64/3 Booker T. Washington National Monument, Virginia: Official Map & Guide
I 29.21:G 29/10/984 George Washingon Carver National Monument, Missouri
NAS 1.2:AF 4 African American Contributions to Science and Engineering
NAS 1.2:SU 7/6 NASA Superstars of Science