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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

The Black Military Experience

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D 1.2: AF 8 African Americans and World War II
D 1.2: B 56/991 Black Americans in defense of our nation
D 1.2: C 88/3 Invisible Cryptologists (printed from web)
D 1.2: SO 4/3 Fort Myer Buffalo Soldiers
D 101.60/2: S 65x Soldiers and sociology
D 101.60/3: R 33x Race relations research in the US Army in the 1970s
D 103.438: 70-1-69 Nothing but praise
D 110.2: B 86 Buffalo soldiers at Fort Leavenworth
D 114.2: B 56 SBlack soldier, white army
D 114.17: N 31 Employment of negro troops
D 114.19: S W7 Freedom by the sword
D 214.13: B 56 Blacks in the Marine Corps
D 214.14/4: AF 8 The right to fight: African-American Marines in WWII
D 301.2: B 56 Blacks in the Army Air Forces
D 301.2: In 8/2/945-64 Air force integrates, 1945-1964

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