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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Black History Month

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AE 1.124:108/2010 Black Family Research: records of post-Civil War federal agencies at the National Archives
CR 1.2:R 11/3/ Racial and Ethnic Tensions in American Communities: poverty, inequality, and discrimination- a national perspective
CR 1.10:14 Cycle to Nowhere
CR 1.10:91 Economic Progress of Black Men in America
D 114.2:B 56 Black Soldier, White Army: the 24 th Infantry Regiment in Korea
GS 4.7:36 List of Black Servicemen Compiled from the War Department Collection of Revolutionary War Records
HE 22.2:B 56 Black History Month
I 29.2:D 74 Frederick Douglass, the Clarion Voice
I 29.2:SO 4 Promised Land of the Solomon: black settlement at Nicodemus, Kansas
I 29.6/6:R 13 Underground Railroad; official map and guide
I 29.58/2: W 27 Booker T. Washington; an appreciation of the man and his times
I 29.88/5:B 56 Black Experience in Natchez, 1720-1880
LC 1.6/4: AF 8 African-American Mosaic: a Library of Congress resource guide for the study of Black history and culture
LC 1.12/2:N 31 Negro in the United States; a selected bibliography
SI 1.2:R 56 John Robinson: a retrospective
SI 11.2:B 56/770-800 Black Presence in the Era of the American Revolution
Y 1.1/7:H.DOC.108-224 Black Americans in Congress, 1870-2007