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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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C 3.186/3-2: Voting and Registration in the Election of 1996.
C 3.205/8:96-2 Election '96-- Counting the American Electorate.
I 19.2:P 92/2 Poster Case Electing the President, 1789-1992   (poster)
SI 11.2:P 92/2/796-968 "If elected..." Unsuccessful Candidates for the Presidency, 1796-1968 
Y 1.1/3:S.DOC. Nomination and Election of the President and Vice President of the United States, including the manner of selecting delegates to National Political Conventions.
Y 1.1/7:H.DOC.106-216 Our American Government.
Y 1.1/8:H.RPT.106-295 Campaign Reform and Election Integrity Act of 1999: report together with minority views (to accompany H.R. 2668) 
Y 3.EL 2/3:12 Election Case Law
Y 3.EL 2/3:2 B 21/5 Ballot Access 4 : for Political Parties.
Y 3.EL 2/3:2 C 76/3/2000 Contributions
Y 3.EL 2/3:2 EL 2 Contested Elections and Recounts
Y 3.EL 2/3:2 F 31/5/996 Federal Election Law 96 : a summary of federal laws pertaining to registration, voting, and public employee participation.
Y 3.EL 2/3:2 C 15/2 Federal Election Campaign Laws.