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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Vote. It's Your Choice.

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Each year there is a presidential election I put up a display that I hope will encourage people to vote. I provided the information necessary for viewers to know how and when to register to vote and how they could vote by  absentee vote, if so desired. Appropriate internet sites were provided, also.  I asked library employees to give me discarded Time, Newsweek, and USA News, etc. so I could cut out photos of the Democratic and Republican presidential and vice-presidential candidates and those of some of the main independent parties, as well. I mounted the pictures on foamboard and attached them to their separate red cloth-covered squares. I only used two documents. They were: " Hail to the President: presidential campaigns from banners to broadcasts /Keith Melder" and "We the people: the American people and their government"  which I opened to a colorful section on political campaign buttons and such.