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IL/EB 1.5:EL 2/ The Election Code of Illinois Annotated.  State Board of Elections, 1994
IL/EB 1.8:P 76 A Guide for Pollwatchers. State Board of Elections, State of Illinois, 2004. 
    Designed for pollwatchers and others who want to become more familiar with the basic responsibilities of pollwatchers and the roll they play in the election process
IL/EB 1.8:R 26/2004 Registering to Vote in Illinois. State Board of Elections, [2003]. Illinois voting requirements – when, where and how to register.
IL/EB 1.13:2004

Election and Campaign Finance Calendar
State Board of Elections, Illinois, 2004.

J 1.2:V 94 The right to Vote: how federal law protects you.  U.S. Dept. of Justice, Civil Rights Division, c [2000].
A pamphlet describing how the Voting Rights Act of 1965 protects the voting rights of all Americans.
Y 3.El 2/3:2 V 94/6/2002/V.1-2

Voting Systems Standards: v.1 Performance standards – v.2 Test standards
United States Federal Election Commission, [2002].

Reference Book

R324.97/Ill/GOVT. DOCS Illinois Elections, 1818-1990: candidates and county returns for President, Governor, Senate, and House of Representatives.   Howard W. Allen and Vincent A. Lacey, editors Southern Illinois University Press, 1992.


D 1.56:101 D Vote: it’s good for your Constitution!. U.S. Dept. of Defense, [1988].
D 1.56:101 E Tomorrow Will be Decided Today: Vote. U.S. Dept. of Defense, [1988].
D 2.9:D 36/2/NO. 103

Party Time!!!: but whether you party or not—please vote.   American Forces Information Service, Dept. of Defense, [1996].


 LocDoc CO 5.2:V 94/2   Make Your vote Count. David Orr, Cook County Clerk, 2002. 
     Step-by-step, the video – designed for voters in Chicago and suburban Cook County – explains Election Day and voting procedures from the moment a voter walks into the polling place to finally having their ballot counted.

Internet Site


Project Vote Smart – American Government, Elections, Candidates and Voting.  Project Vote Smart. 

“A sophisticated, comprehensive political information site.  The best and easiest source in existence for abundant, accurate and useful information on candidates and issues.”


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