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Terrorism and Sept. 11th

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S 1.138:2001 Patterns of Global Terrorism 2001
Includes a chronology of worldwide terrorist incidents in 2001, an overview of state-sponsored terrorism, and background information on designated foreign terrorist organizations.
FEM 1.2:W 89 World Trade Center Building Performance Study
The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s detailed study that examined the WTC attack and the structural performance of the buildings.
 AE 2.110:107-56 

USA PATRIOT Act of 2001
Text of the law signed by President Bush in October 2001 “to deter and punish terrorist acts in the U.S. and around the world, to enhance law enforcement investigatory tools, and for other purposes.”

Y 1.1/5:107-116

World Trade Center Attack Claims Act
A favorable report on a bill introduced by Senator Clinton to establish the Office of World Trade Center Attack Claims to pay claims for injury to businesses and property suffered as a result of the attack.

 Y 4.IN 8/16:T 27/5 

Al-Qaeda and the Global Reach of Terrorism
A hearing to determine the extent of the al-Qaeda network and U.S. objectives with respect to Bin Laden and other members of the al-Qaeda leadership. Weighs the narrow objective of retribution against al-Qaeda solely with the broader objective of forcefully discouraging state-sponsored terrorism.

Y 4.IN 8/16:T 27/3  

International Terrorism: A Compilation of Major Laws, Treaties, Agreements, and Executive Documents
A July 2000 report comprised of laws, treaties, and executive documents relating to U.S. and international efforts to combat terrorism, as well as executive orders, executive department regulations, UN Security Council resolutions, statements from economic summit conferences, and documents of other organizations.

D 208.209:54/4

The World According to Usama Bin Laden (By Ahmed Hashim)
Naval War College Review 2001 Vol. LIV No. 4, p. 11-35
The author discusses the regional and historical context and personal experiences that serve as the sources of Bin Laden’s thought.

PREX 3.10/4:AF 3/10

Ethnolinguistic Groups in Afghanistan (CIA Map, 1997)

PREX 3.10/4:AF 3/14

Afghanistan (CIA Map, 2002)

Environmental Health Perspectives 2001. Vol. 109, No. 11, p. A529-36 Environmental Aftermath (By Luz Claudio)
Discusses the environmental catastrophe caused by the cloud of toxic dust and smoke that lingered for weeks after the collapse of the WTC, as well as recovering human remains, removing and disposing of debris and evaluation of the continuing health threat.
PREX 1.2:M 69

Our Mission and Our Moment: Speeches Since the Attacks of September 11
Includes Address to the Nation on the September 11 Attacks, National Day of Prayer and Remembrance Service, Remarks to New York Rescue Workers, Address to the Nation on the Bombing in Afghanistan, Address to the UN General Assembly, and more.

Images of the World Trade Center Site Show Thermal Hot Spots on Sept. 16 and 23, 2001 (Web site)
Results of remote sensing data and interpretations that map thermal hot spots in and around the WTC site.
The Department of Homeland Security Web Site Designing for Security in the Nation’s Capital
J 1.14/2:V 66/2/SPAN Informacion para las Victimas del Terrorismo
A Spanish language pamphlet describing resources for victims of terrorism.
T 22.44/2:3921

Help from the Internal Revenue Service for Those Affected by the Terrorist Attacks no America
Informational pamphlet on tax relief the IRS is providing to victims of the terrorist attacks.

D 301.26/6:T 27/3

Legitimate Use of Military Force Against State-sponsored International Terrorism (by Richard Erickson)
Colonel Erickson’s study, published in 1989, presents an overview of international law directed at the issue of managing international terrorism.

S 1.2:T 27

Countering Terrorism: Security Suggestions for U.S. Business Representatives Abroad
A 1999 pamphlet with commonsense precautions that can serve as practical deterrents to would-be terrorists.