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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

It’s Not Love...It’s Abuse

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For this display, I obtained several items from our local women's shelter, CADA House.
  They provided the poster in the background as well as the basketful of purple ribbons
 attached to domestic violence awareness cards.
  The ribbons were free for the taking.

HH 1.2:V 81/2000 Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence: know the facts
J 1.2:D 71/3 Making a Federal Case out of Domestic Violence
J 1.2:V 81/6 Domestic Violence Awareness: stop the cycle of violence: what you can do
J 1.2:V 81/7 A Community Checklist: important steps to end violence against women:"--what can we do about it?"

J 1.8/2:R 44
Know Your Rights:a victim's guide to the domestic violence justice system
J 1.14/2:V 81/2 Domesic Violence by Police Officers: a compilation of papers submitted to the domestics Violence by police Officers Conference at the FBI Academy
J 28.24/3:D 71/2 Domestic Violence, Stalking, and Antistalking Legislation: an annual report to the congress under the violence Against Women Act
J 28.24:ST 1 Stalking in America: findings from the National Violence Against Women Survey
J 28.24:V 81/6 Prevalence, Incidence, and Consequences of Violence Against Women: findings from the National Violence Against Women Survey
J 28.24/3:SE 9 Domestic and Sexual Violence Data Collection: a report to congress under the violence Against Women Act 
J 28.24/3:V 81 Extent, Nature, and Consequences of Intimate Partner Violence
J 28.24/3:V 81/2  Full Report of the Prevalence, Incidence, and Consequenses of Violence Against Women: findings from the National Violence Against Women Survey
J 28.24/3:V 81/3 The Sexual Victimization of College Women
J 29.13:IM 8 Intimate Partner Violence
J 34.4:211 Initiatives to Combat Violence Against Women 
J 34.8:ST 2 State Legislators' Handbook for Statutory Rape Issues
J 34.8:V 66 First Response to Victims of Crime: a handbook for law enforcement officers on how to approach and help elderly victims of sexual assualt, child victims, victims of domestic violence, survivors of homicide victims
J 35.21:  Domestic Violence and Stalking: the ... annual report to congress under the Violence Against Women Act
SSA 1.2:N 42/2/ENG./SPAN Social Security: new numbers for domestic violence victims and others
Y 1.1/8:H.Rpt.106-340 Hillory J. Farias Date-Rape Prevention Drug Act of 1999: report 
Y 1.1/8:H.Rpt.106-891 Violence Against Women Act of 2000: report together with additional views
 Y 1.1/8:H.rpt.106-939 Victims of trafficking and violence Protection Act of 2000: conference report
Y 4.J 89/2:s.hrg.104-842 Combating Violence Against Women: hearing before the Committee on the Judiciary

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