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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Dangerous Games: Drugs in America

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ED 1.8:P 94/15
Preventing Alcohol-related Problems on Campus
HE 20.402:AL 1/2
If Someone Close has a Problem with Alcohol or Other Drugs
HE 20.402:H 43
Heroin: what's the real dope?
HE 20.402:M 99
Marijuana: weeding out the hype
HE 20.402:R 27
The Relationship Between Family Structure and Adolescent Substance Use
HE 20.422:1
Substance Abuse in States and Metropolitan Areas
HE 20.3952:B 73
Brain Power: the NIDA junior scientists program, teachers guide
HE 20.3952:C 64
Cocaine and a Changing Brain: meeting summary: Ernest Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, LA, October 25, 1997
HE 20.3965:164
Behavioral Studies of Drug-exposed Offspring
HE 20.8008:AL 1/7
Impaired Driving
HE 20.8008:C 43/4
Children of Alcoholics
HE 20.8008:C 43/5
Children, Getting a Head Start Against Drugs: teacher's guide
HE 20.8029:19
Detoxification From Alcohol and Other Drugs
HE 20.8216:125
Activation of Immediate Early Genes by Drugs of Abuse
HE 20.8216:136
Assessing Neurotoxicity of Drugs and Abuse
HE 20.8315:22
Alcohol-induced Brain Damage
J 24.2:D 84
Drugs of Abuse
J 24.2:D 84/21
Get it Straight: the facts about drugs
J 28.24:D 84/8
Drug use Forecasting
J 28.24:H 15
Rise of Hallucinogen Use
J 28.24:M 56/3
Drugs in the Heartland
J 28.24/3:D 84/9
Comparing Drug Use Rates of Detained Arrestees in the United States and England
J 28.24/3:M 56
Meth Matters: report on methamphetamine users in five western cities
J 28.24/7:D 84/2
Drugs, Alcohol, and Domestic Violence in Memphis
J 28.29:
Searching for Answers: research and evaluation on drugs and crime
J 32.10:Y 8/6
The Youth Gangs, Drugs, and Violence Connection
J 32.21: 106
Highlights of Findings from the Denver Youth Survey
PREX 1.2:D 84/17
Reducing the Impact of Drugs on American Society
PREX 1.2:D 84/8
National Drug Control Strategy
PREX 1.2:D 84/9/988-95
What America's Users Spend on Illegal Drugs, 1988-1995
PREX 26.2:D 84/7
Report of the Drug Control Research, Data, and Evaluation Committee
PREX 26.2:EN 3
Western Hemisphere Drug Policy Leadership Conference sponsored by Office of National Drug Control Policy
PREX 26.2:SU 1/2
Substance Use in Popular Music Videos
Y 1.1/8:H.RPT.106-878
Methamphetamine and Club Drug Anti-Proliferation Act of 2000: a report
Y 3.T 22/2:2 B 52/9
Biological Components of Substance Abuse and Addiction
Y 4.C 73/7: S.HRG.106-1074
Effects of Performance Enhancing Drugs on the Health of Athletes and Athletic Competition: hearing before the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation
Y 4.G 74/7:B 56
Black-tar Heroin, Meth, and Cocaine Continue to Flood the United States From Mexico: hearing before the Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy, and Human Resources
Y 4.J 89/1:104/102
Comprehensive Methamphetamine Control Act of 1996: hearing before the Subcommittee on Crime
Y 4.J 89/2: S.HRG.107-885
Narco-terror: the worldwide connection between drugs and terrorism: hearing before the Subcommittee on Technology, Terrorism, and Government Information of the Committee on the Judiciary
Y 4.L 11/4:
Breaking the Cycle: the effects of alcohol on families: hearing before the Subcommittee on Children, Family, Drugs and Alcoholism
Y 4.3:S.HRG. 105-497
Drug Trafficking, Following Meth from Mexico to the Midwest: hearing before the Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control