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A Few Too Many

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ED 1.2: B 51
Secondary Effects of Binge Drinking on College Campuses
ED 1.2: EX 7
Experience in Effective prevention: the U.S. Department of Education’s alcohol and other drug prevention models on college campuses grants
ED 1.8: C 68
Social Norms Approach to Preventing Binge Drinking at Colleges and Universities
ED 1.8: Al  1
College Alcohol Risk Assessment Guide: environmental approaches to prevention
ED 1.8: P 94/15
Preventing Alcohol-related problems on Campus
GP 3.2: Al 1
Alcohol, Tobacco & Drugs: Three Ways to Abuse Health, Family and Sell-Esteem  [electronic]
HE 20.402: AL 1/2
If Someone Close Has a Problem With Alcohol
HE 20.402: W 84/2/996
Healthy Women/Healthy Lifestyles: what you need to know about alcohol and illicit drugs
HE 20.2401:Al 1
Alcohol and Alcoholism
HE 20.3965: 168
Rural Substance Abuse: state of knowledge and issues
HE 20.3965: 169
Laboratory Behavioral Studies of Vulnerability to Drug Abuse
HE 20.8322:
Alcohol Alert   [serial]
HE 20.8302:C 76
Alcohol and Problems in the General Population
HE 20. 8308/2: 4/2003
Assessing Alcohol Problems; a guide for clinicians and researchers
PREX 26.8: P 27
Pathways to Prevention: guiding youth to wise decisions
TD 8.2: SU 6
The Alcohol Summit: a roadmap for Fraternities and Sororities
TD 8.64: 2001/2
Make Your Parties Rock Substance-free; a guide to safe and sober event planning  [CD]
Y 4.G 74/9: S.HRG.107-553
Under the Influence: the binge drinking epidemic on college campuses; hearing
Y 4.L 11/4: S. HRG.108-749
Providing Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Services to Adolescents